Packaging Tape Sculpture

I’m writing about something I came across because I can’t be the only one who knows about it, so you have to know it with me. Just when you think we may have exhausted every medium that could possibly be used for arts and crafts, there’s something new. That’s right, Packaging Tape Sculpture.

You can find tape sculpture on flickr, ehow and YouTube. There is even a .org, dedicated to the art. I’m sure you can probably “fan” it on Facebook. Some guy got arrested for trying to create a piece on the Sothesby art auction house in New York a couple of months ago. Apparently there is even a tape-sculpture-rock-star named Mark Jenkins.

I found out about this because I was on an art website and a banner appeared at the top of the screen advertising the 3M Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest. I have no affiliation with 3M or this contest, but apparently what I do have is a growing fascination with the concept. There are some video tutorials if you’re interested in how the process works. You can also vote for your favorite entries.

Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

I meant to only write about tape sculpture, until I watched the videos. I was overcome with a moment of “Hey, I can do that” and went for the tape and a vase. Before I go on, I feel like I need to apologize to tape sculptors everywhere.

I used the “cast” method. Yes, there are methods. With this one, you cover the item with tape sticky side out, then cover that with tape sticky side in.

When that’s done, you cut down the side, remove the vase and tape the seam shut

They made it look so easy! I think something less curvy would have worked better for a beginner like me. But in the end, all I’m out is a little time and a little tape and I tried something new, so we’ll call that a win. However, don’t look for Vasenstein in that contest…I think it’s out of his league.


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