Tween Fashion Designers

We’ll file this under “I wish I’d thought of that.”  Sometimes an idea is just so simple it’s brilliant.

What little girl wouldn’t love to design clothes for herself?  Those same girls don’t necessarily want to buy the fabric and other supplies, create a pattern, cut it out, sew it up and hope it turns out.  I’m a big girl and I don’t want to do that.  That’s where FashionPlaytes comes in.  This website allows girls to customize an article of clothing with ruffles, rhinestones, graphics and other fun embellishments, which is then made to the designers specifications and shipped to her house within three weeks.

The prices for the clothes start out pretty reasonably.  However, you’ll definitely want to help your girl with her choices because it’s very easy to suddenly be staring at a $50 dress.  The different types of trim and customization vary in price, but it’s very clear on the website what you’ll pay for each.  I added an applique, some ribbon and what they call underlayers to a basic t-shirt for a total of $28.  It jumped to $33 when I added the personalized clothing label with my name on it.  Pretty high for a little girl’s t-shirt, but as a gift or special treat not outrageous.  

There are some cute choices for the basic clothing.  You can design a denim jacket, hoodie, dresses, a skirt, tops, even a headband, belt or backpack.  The available trims and placement for each varies with each type.

I do not fit in their clothing, nor does anyone else in my house, and yet I’m pretty sure I could spend a lot of time playing at this website.   Hey, the ribbon belt comes in adult size!


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