Washcloth Bunnies

Easter is coming.  It always sneaks up on me when it’s so close to the beginning of the month.  It doesn’t matter how recently I wrote something on the calendar, if it’s near the 1st it’s a shock.  It doesn’t exist until I turn the page. 

Even if Easter isn’t your thing, doesn’t a bunny just make you feel like it’s spring?

This is not a new craft, but it’s fun to do with or for the kids and takes very few supplies.  I also like the fact that when Easter is over it can still be used.  Very green.

The only supplies you need are a washcloth and a rubber band.  A piece of ribbon and some yarn or embroidery floss is optional.  The washcloth I used in the example is kind of big and thick.  It actually is easier with something a little thinner, but it’s what I had on hand.

Start by laying the washcloth flat and folding in half, corner to corner.  It probably won’t be as square as you thought it was once it’s folded, but that’s ok.

Roll up from the long side to the corner.

Fold in half with the corner to the inside.

Fold in half again the other direction.

Wrap a rubber band tightly around the whole thing, about 1/3 of the way back from the fold.

Pull up the ears and it’s a bunny!  If you’d like to cover up the rubber band, tie a bow over the top of it with a piece of ribbon.

If you want your bunny to have a tail, lay a piece of embroidery floss or yarn, about 10 – 12″ long, on a popsicle stick.  Tape the yarn to the ends.  Wrap more yarn around the center, about 50 times. 

Remove tape and use your 10″ piece to tie a tight knot.  Turn over and clip through yarn on the back, opposite the knot.  Fluff tail, trim to even up if necessary.

Tie long ends around the back of the bunny.

I’ve seen these made by gluing on eyes and a pompom tail, but I want to have the option of turning it back into an ordinary washcloth.  I made these for my kids one year using decorative washcloths, which they used in the bath after Easter.  You can also use it as a “boo-boo bunny” by sticking an ice cube in the back.  As if that isn’t enough, he’ll also hold an egg, real or plastic, nicely in the back.  What can’t he do?

For the sake of comparison, the white bunny in the next photo was made using an inexpensive washcloth.  It’s smaller, but easier to make because it’s less bulky and oh-so affordable.  Washcloths, rubber bands and curling ribbon from the dollar store and you have a classroom party craft! 


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