Fabric Fortune Cookies

I was walking around Michael’s craft store last week, searching for inspiration.  I have several graduates to give gifts to, and I wanted them to be special.  I should say, I wanted the holders for the cash to be special.

I was almost through the entire store when I came across some tiny takeout boxes.  They’re about 2 1/4″ tall.  I’ve made fabric fortune cookies before, using a pattern from the back of this book, and realized they would be perfect for holding money and conveying some sort of graduation wisdom they won’t listen to anyway.

I wanted the cookie to be large enough to take up most of the space inside the box, so I used a 5″ circle.  I made a template on cardboard using a mini pie tin that happened to be that size.

I made two cookies, so the instructions are written as such. 

Trace four circles onto paper side of Wonder Under or similar iron-on fabric adhesive.  Cut out loosely and iron onto the wrong side of cotton fabric.

Cut out fabric circles.  Cut two circles from heavy weight interfacing, one for each cookie.

Peel paper baking off fabric circles.  Iron one to each side of interfacing.  Trim edges to even up, if necessary.

Stitch around the outside of each circle. 

Spritz cookie lightly with water.  Steam iron.  Working quickly, while still hot, fold in half, making sure the side you want as the outside is showing.

Press the bottom center against your finger to start forming cookie shape.

Pull outer ends together, allowing cookie to fold in on the backside.

Safety pin ends together  and leave until cool and dry.  If you aren’t happy with their shape, just unfold, iron and try again.

While cookies cool, print or write a fortune to put inside.  Here’s what I used.

After cookies are done, unfold and add cash and fortune.  I know these are one dollar bills in the photo, but I promise you I am giving these poor students more than that.  It’s all I had in my wallet when I was making these.  By the way, money that’s a little older works a lot better than new and crisp.

The cookie fits perfectly in the box and a cute, tiny card could slide in there right next to it.  And I’m sure the kids will toss the money aside and marvel over their fabulous fabric fortune cookie!


19 thoughts on “Fabric Fortune Cookies

  1. These are adorable! I’ve seen some different ways for making fabric fortune cookies, but I never liked the raw edges… or using spray starch (I hated scrubbing off my iron afterward). These are so cute!


  2. These look great- thank you! I was confused about the instructions though- did you really mean facing and not interfacing? It looks like the Wonder Under would be the facing? You are so creative!


    • Thanks!

      The stuff I use is a heavy weight interfacing, like you might use inside a shirt collar. The Wonder Under alone isn’t enough to add the stiffness needed. If you don’t have that type of interfacing available, a piece of heavy fabric would probably work also.


    • I too buy on the Internet sometimes… but also remember reading an article by Jean Ray Laury years ago–she pointed out that your local craft/fabric stores won’t be there when you want them, if you only shop them when you need them, so I try to make a point of shopping local for quilting and crafting stuff.

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  8. Thank you for sharing this!! I wanted to make something for a couple of nephews who are graduating in a couple days and these are perfect. I just finished making two. They are super easy. I love your blog!!


  9. These are great! I added an invisible zipper in mine so that they could be used to hold coins etc. Made these for my nieces. Also made one for a good friend. In hers I put a couple of marbles& a “fortune” about losing ones marbles as she was turning 50! The zipper held them in nicely. Found some fabric with walking canes on it for the inside. Look on her face was priceless as she opened it. thanks again!


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