Passport Wallet

First of all, let me say thank you to Carolina from Expect Moore  for inviting me to be a guest blogger this week.  I can’t wait to see all of her Pocket Week projects and activities, and I’m honored to be able to contribute my own!

I am the proud owner of a brand new, shiny U.S. passport.  I’ve always wanted one.  I mean, how cool are you when they stamp where you’ve been in a BOOK?!?  If I have to wait too long I might start stamping in it myself, which is probably against the rules or something.

Of course, since I have a passport, I need something to put it in.  I have a water-resistant case I’ll be using and I wanted something I could slip into it that would hold my passport and some credit cards and other ID.  Nothing I have or could find met my needs, so this little wallet was born.












These were so fun to make, I ended up with a couple of extra.  So, for the first time ever, I’m having a giveaway!  IF YOU LEAVE A COMMENT ON THIS POST BY AUGUST 9, 2010, YOU’LL BE ENTERED INTO A DRAWING TO WIN A PASSPORT WALLET OF YOUR OWN!  You can choose between the Crayon or the Bohemian, shown in the photo above.  You can probably guess which is which.

To make this project you’ll need:

17 x 22″ cotton fabric

6 1/2 x 12″ iron-on lightweight interfacing

6″ zipper (or a longer one shortened to that size)

elastic hair tie

button (1/2″ or larger)

pattern – you can download the PDF of the pattern here.  It’s three pages, with four pattern pieces.  The largest body piece has to be assembled.

  •  The fabric measurement is if all the pieces are cut from the same fabric.  I would sooner stick a fork in my eye than miss an opportunity to mix fabrics, so you’ll need smaller pieces of two or three fabrics if you feel the same.  In the photos below I used a different color for each piece to make the tutorial clearer.
  • A plastic, small tooth zipper works much better than metal or large teeth.
  • A small piece of elastic will work just as well as a hair tie, I just like the rounded look of the tie.
  • I preferred a flat button to make the wallet less bulky, but one with a shank on the back would work too.
  • The finished wallet, folded up with button looped, measures about 5 3/4″ wide by 4 1/4″ tall.

To make your wallet:

Cut out pieces from fabric.  Cut the large cover piece from iron-on interfacing.












Press the fold into the pieces that were cut on the fold.  Iron interfacing onto the wrong side of the outside cover piece.

Draw the zipper opening onto the wrong side of pocket lining piece.

Lay pocket lining over the squared end of outside cover piece (the one with the interfacing), lining up edges and right sides together.  Make sure the zipper opening is nearest to the edge.

Stitch around the outside of zipper opening.

Cut along lines, cutting close to but not through stitching at corners.

Pull the pocket lining through the hole.

Press seams around opening.

Pin, baste or glue the zipper into the opening from the back.

Stitch the zipper in place close to edge of opening.  Trim zipper ends close to stitching.

Layer the pockets for the both sides as they will be on wallet, raw edges even.

On both sets of pockets,  stitch two rows, as shown on pattern, on smaller top pocket to create three slots.

On the pockets for the side nearest the curve, zigzag stitch the bottom edge of the pockets, turn under ¼” and press.

Lay inside cover piece right side up.

Layer the pockets on inside cover piece as indicated by solid lines on pattern.

Stitch or tie a knot about 1” down on an elastic hair tie.  Cut off excess and run ends over an open flame to melt to prevent fraying.  Lay in the center of curved end with the loop to the inside.

Lay outer cover piece over that, right side down.

Lay second pocket lining piece on top, right side down.

Pin everything in place.

Stitch around outer edge, ¼” from edge, leaving a 2 1/2” opening for turning on the squared end.  Backstitch several times over the elastic in curved end.

Clip corners and curves.

To turn, look for the layer with the right side of zipper showing.  Turn entire wallet right side out.

Press, turning in edges of opening.

Top stitch around the outer edge, across the bottom of right side pockets and down the middle between where the inside pocket openings meet.

Fold wallet together.  Mark inside the farthest point elastic reaches.  Open the zipper and stitch a button on at the mark.

Insert passport, credit cards, driver’s license, hotel key card, some change, a collapsible pen and a stick of gum, fold it up and take it somewhere fun.  This is the one that’s going on my trip with me – in my favorite colors.  Doesn’t it make my passport look good?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to enter to win!


76 thoughts on “Passport Wallet

  1. Really cute! I’ve seen something similar to this in a store in downtown Gresham, the price was outrageous! I will be trying this craft out!


  2. That is great! I am always looking through my purse for my ID, passport and money. This is a neat little package for all of it!


  3. I love the way this turned out and will have to try it. I will be changing it and if it turns out, I will send it to you. I need to add more pockets for passports since there are 4 of us that take trips. I am thinking of adding a pouch pocket in the middle to add 2 more passports and one on the other side for another passport.

    Thank you!!!


  4. LOVE IT:D What clever idea and so cute! I will need to add a flat ribbon like handle to allow it to be hung around my neck as to keep it hidden under my shirt. GREAT way to keep a those REALLY valuable items close to your heart when traveling abroad.


  5. What a great idea!! We are moving to Korea soon so I have been looking for something to put my passport in to keep in safe, this will be a great stylish project for our passports!


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  7. Ok so here’s the crazy thing. I was just scouring the internet THIS morning trying to find a tutorial for a cute/practical passport and boarding pass holder! Seriously! I just happen to run into this little ditty on! I would love to try making this soon. Heck, winning it would be even better 🙂


  8. Wow, I want to make one! So cute! And I just got back from Canada, passports are awesome, but when you cross the Canadian border, they don’t stamp it for me 😦 and I love those stamps! You feel so traveled. But the reason they don’t stamp it for me is because we go up there a lot. So your whole book could filled up in one year with just Canada stamps, which would be crazy. So that’s why they don’t stamp. Anyway, uber cute!!!



  9. This wallet is awesome…I hope to win it!!! I’m traveling a lot for university but I’m not too good in sewing to create one with my hands….
    Thanks for the occasion!!!


  10. My wife would love these, I’m the one who knows how to sew in our house, she gives all the sewing projects to me to do in my free time.


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  15. Love the wallet. I can see it made in immitation leather with a western theme. So many different possibilities. I will add a cord to wear it around my neck and make one for my husband as well.


  16. Fantastic design. Love the way you installed the zipper! So many people have fears of inserting zippers but who could mess that up when your pictures are so good. I’m wanting these for others who don’t use passports. Thank you for sharing.


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  18. I’ve just found your website and just love your creative patterns! This passport holder turned out so cute. It was the most dificult thing I’ve made, but your directions were great and it turned out perfect. (well, not perfect, but close enough!) Thank you so much!


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  20. I’ve just found your website and just love your creative patterns! This passport holder turned out so cute. It was the most dificult thing I’ve made, but your directions were great and it turned out perfect. (well, not perfect, but close enough!) Thank you so much!



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  22. Hi, I am having trouble working out what pattern pieces to tape together as they are not labelled, An image of the taped would be appreciated or even marked so i know what to join up. Thanks in Advance 🙂


  23. Hi. I’m having problems following your instructions. I’m kind of stuck on which pieces stick together to make the final pattern after I’ve printed them out. Also I can’t figure out which pattern pieces your using. Please forgive me, I’m not criticising you, I just really want to make this but need a bit of help please 🙂


    • Hi Jenni! It’s been a while since I made that wallet, so I downloaded the pattern myself. I can see why you are confused! I just finished redrafting and uploading the pattern and it should make a lot more sense now. Take a look and let me know if that helped!


  24. I am absolutely in love with this pattern! It was so easy to make and turned out better than I expected.
    I was wondering it I may have your permission to share your pattern (via a link to this site) on my Facebook page.


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