T-Shirt Bracelet

I’m going on vacation.  My blog isn’t – tutorials will pop up here for the next couple of weeks without me.  It hasn’t earned any time off.  I, on the other hand, most definitely have.

You may have noticed all the travel and summer themed posts lately.  I’m going to San Francisco, then on a cruise to Mexico, so it was necessary.  One of the posts you haven’t seen was a summer top gone wrong.

Looks kinda cute just laying there, doesn’t it?  Well, it’s a deceiving little thing, because neither my daughter or I were able to wear it.  I won’t even get into its many issues.  I really wanted a red top, so I bought another t-shirt and made another one like my T-Shirt Refashion, without the addition at the bottom.  I don’t like it quite as much as the first one, but it’s red and that makes me happy.

The bad top has been hanging in my craft room, waiting for its next reincarnation.  Thankfully, I came upon a cute jersey necklace here that inspired me to make a bracelet out of it.  I am definitely going back and making the necklace later, but there wasn’t enough fabric left in this top for it.

Cut the shirt into 2″ strips and cut one side of each loop.  I ended up with five strips, each 36″ long.  I actually only needed four.

Sew one end of the four strips together.

Loop the right side strand under the two in the middle and over the one on the left.

Pull the left strand over the middle and down through the loop on the right.

Tighten up to the top. 

Repeat, starting from the left side.

Continue, switching sides with each knot.  If you lose track of which side you were on, remember the top loop is on the side you just started with.

Keep knotting until the length is what you want.  Mine was 9 1/2 inches.  Sew across the end and cut off the excess.

Sew the two ends together.  It doesn’t have to be pretty – we’re going to cover it up.

Cut a 6″ piece from one of the leftover pieces you cut off.  Wrap it around the bracelet near, but not over the center.  Stitch through both sides close to the bracelet.  Make sure you don’t catch any of the bracelet in your stitches.

Cut off the excess.  Turn the band inside out, rolling toward and over the stitched ends.  Twist the seam to the inside.

Sew a button in the center of the band through all the layers to hold it in place. 



17 thoughts on “T-Shirt Bracelet

  1. Hola and Hello Staci

    I am Luis from Mexico, and apreciatte a follow your web..

    And respect fo this Bracelette , if you put on foot inside the artesian markets places, in your vacations..

    You can find hundred’s of twisted textiles technics …hope so can take some ideas for your creativity designs.

    Have a really nice trip in my Mexico.

    Much sincereley.

    Luis from the north of Mexico.


    • Thank you for visting Luis! I had a fantastic time in your country and enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful things in the market places. A few of them came home with me! I’m looking forward to going back!


  2. It is almost WEIRD to see your header and see Staci with an I! You RARELY see that!:) glad you found me & left a comment, I’ll be back often to your cute blog & am adding it to my list of inspirational blogs!



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