Long-In-Front Cardigan – What do you call these things?

I try not to jump on every clothing trend that comes along.  It’s not because I don’t care about fashion or I don’t want to spend the money.  The problem is, nothing is more irritating to me than to have something in my closet that I still love, but is completely out.  My inner Heidi Klum won’t let me wear it.  So, I try to be picky when it comes to fads.

Everywhere we went this summer I saw girls wearing these long-in-the-front cardigans.  All I could think was “That looks so easy to make!”  The summer versions were sleeveless, of course, but I had a feeling the long sleeves would appear, come fall.

I considered trying this without a pattern , but good knit fabric isn’t cheap.  I ended up going with this pattern because it had three different length options.

This is another one of those “One-Hour” patterns, but this one might actually mean it.  Cutting it out is fairly simple, as long as you don’t want to retain any of the other sizes on the pattern besides the one you’re using, and sewing it up is pretty straightforward. 

I did make a couple of changes to the construction.  Do not staystitch the armhole edge as instructed in step 2.  I learned this one the hard way.  You have to stretch the armhole edge to fit the sleeve as you’re sewing it in.  Good luck doing that if you’ve done the staystitching.  Lucky for me, if you stretch hard enough, thread breaks.

The instructions also say to double-stitch all of the seams.  Instead, I stitched the seam with a narrow zigzag, trimmed the seam, then stitched a wide zigzag over the edge.  Of course, if you have a serger you have other options.  And I’m jealous.

I would recommend sewing in the sleeves and trying it on before hemming the sleeves.  The recommended hem is 1 1/4″, but I made it smaller for my daughter’s long arms.  I also used a narrow zigzag and hemmed them on the machine, rather than hand sew them in place.

The one I made for her is view B, the medium length.

All of the lengths only vary in the front – the back is always the same.

This is not the kind of thing that a hanger can do justice, but this one is mine.  It’s the shortest view.  What I really like about these is that I’ve seen them on all shapes and sizes and they seem to look good on just about everyone.

There’s so much fabric in this cardigan, maybe I can convert this into something else when this trend passes.  Heidi would be proud.


4 thoughts on “Long-In-Front Cardigan – What do you call these things?

  1. Long-in-front-cardigan seems to be just that with
    all the options of knoting and tying to boot. Looks
    great on the gal. You are a treasure with crafty idea
    galore. L


    • I wish that were true Lorilyn! I saw these in a store right after I made it for less than I paid for the fabric. I’d still do it again, though. There’s just something about handmade clothes that you can’t put a price on. Thanks for visiting!


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