Trash Can Lamp

I’ve told you all about the crafty family I was born into.  I’ve even touched on the creative children I’m raising.  However, until now, I haven’t revealed much about the inventive and talented man I married.  I think that’s because too many people already know what he’s capable of, and it takes him away from home a lot.

My husband is the kind of guy who can look at something and see what it could be.  Our breakfast bar is made from an old church pew.  We have a coat rack that was once a coffee table and copper piping.  He has remodeled, refashioned and expanded our disco-era house into something we both love.  He’s a home-improvement rock star, and he’s all mine.

We were in Lowe’s the other day, and walked past a table full of random clearance items.  There were some trash cans that caught our attention.  Me, because I wasn’t sure what they were but I was intrigued by them.  My husband, because he thought “That could be a lamp.”  They had a very heavy base and my hubby was pretty sure he had the supplies at home, so for $5 at 80% off,  it was worth a shot.

He took it out to the shop and came back just a few minutes later with a working lamp.  It reminds me of a giant candle holder, which is fine with me because I’m a huge candle fan. 

While he was busy creating a lamp from a trash receptacle, I was trying to figure out how I could decorate it for Halloween, without doing permanent damage.  I ended up cutting bat shapes out of parchment paper, cutting it to fit inside the lamp, and stapling the ends together so it wouldn’t curl and touch the bulb.  The beauty of it is, I can cut new paper for other holidays or seasons.  I’m thinking snowflakes next.

With talent like his, you can imagine the honey-do list I have for him.  Often though, it’s the things that I don’t see coming and didn’t even know I needed that end up being my favorites.  Kinda like him.


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