Mesh Angel

Halloween is a last hurrah, of sorts, for me.  I float through the evening, blissfully unaware that it’s the last day of October.  Then I wake up the next day to November smacking me in the face.  By the afternoon, I’m in full-on panic mode.  Christmas is next month.  Next month!  Not to mention Thanksgiving barreling toward me.  I make fun of stores selling Christmas stuff before Halloween, but in truth I think I’m jealous.

My mother-in-law is yet another crafty member of my family.  Today she showed me not one, but several things she has already made for Christmas, every one cuter than the last.  This angel was my favorite though.

L's Angel 1

She’s made from something called decorator mesh and is at least a couple of feet tall.  The instructions can be found at the Craft Warehouse website.  They are a local craft store in my area, and always have lots of fun crafts in their Learning Center.  However, I think my mother-in-law’s version is cuter.  She sponged flesh-tone paint on the head, which softened the color.  She also added a halo made from a gold pipe cleaner.

I spotted a roll of red and white striped decorator mesh in her sewing room today.  Red, Christmas or not, happens to be my favorite color.  If I didn’t hint hard enough while I was in there, maybe this will do it.


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