Rapunzel Scarf

I was in my favorite local craft store last week, and a little instruction sheet that was hanging near the yarn caught my eye.  Ordinarily, when something attracts me in that section, I give it a wistful look and walk away.  But this was a scarf and it was braided.  Braided!  I can do that!  I grabbed the sheet and a skein of yarn and went home.

When I got there, I grabbed another skein of yarn I already had that coordinated with the new one and sat down to read the directions.  All I can say is, thank goodness there was a picture, because I couldn’t make sense of the instructions to save my life.

I decided to cowboy it.  I started with 2 different skeins of yarn and ended up using all of one and most of the other.

Rapunzel 1

I cut the yarn into 100 pieces, each 8 feet long.

Rapunzel 2

I used a small piece of yarn and tied it about 12 inches from the end.

Rapunzel 3

That held my yarn together so I could tie a knot.

Rapunzel 4

From there, I just divided the strands into three fairly equal sections and braided them together, without pulling too tightly.  I found it was easiest to hold it up in the air to cut down on tangling.

Rapunzel 5

I tied another knot about 12 inches from the end, then trimmed the fringe to about 6 inches.

Rapunzel 8

This took me all of about half an hour to make.  It measures about 58 inches from the tip of one end to the other.  I love how it’s something between a scarf and almost a necklace.

Rapunzel 7

When I was looking for instructions to make these, I came across a really pretty one at Be Pretty Cheap.  It’s much longer than mine and made to be an infinity scarf.  She has a great idea for keeping the three strands from getting tangled while you braid.

This could be a cute, quick, inexpensive gift if you’re still trying to finish that list!


5 thoughts on “Rapunzel Scarf

  1. I thought I’d let you know that I made one! I love it! So quick and easy. I just posted it on my blog with a link back to you for directions–I think that’s okay, right?

    Thanks for such a great idea. My son’s fiance already has her two skeins out to give it a try as well.


  2. Cool idea. Bummer though you need an invite to see the blog “Be Pretty Cheap” that you mention with something similar but longer and an infinity. I was curious to see that one as well. Kudos for trying to give them looks though and just help the rest of us. Thanks!


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