Lace-Up Cuff Bracelet

Here’s something I never pictured myself saying on this blog:  today’s project was inspired by Avril Lavigne.  My daughter and I saw her on television recently, wearing a lace-up cuff bracelet.  I’d post a photo, but I don’t want her people calling my people.  It was simple and all black.  In the end, this one doesn’t even resemble it, but it was a jumping-off point anyway.

I was in the giant fabric store near me recently, and they were advertising something they called “Designer Vinyl.”  I had to see what that could possibly be.  I have to admit, some of it was really eye-catching.  The piece I used for this cuff has a tooled leather look.  I’m actually considered a purse or something out of what I have left.  Go figure.

To make one of these, you’ll need this pattern, decorative vinyl, woven cotton fabric, interfacing, cord, 10 small eyelets and three 1/2” snaps.  Check the pattern for size before you begin and adjust as needed.

LaceUp Cuff 1

Apply interfacing to wrong sides of fabric pieces.

LaceUp Cuff 2

Fold under inside edges of vinyl as shown on the pattern.  Hold in place with masking tape.

LaceUp Cuff 3

Match the edges of the small fabric insert to the edges of the vinyl, with the fabric and vinyl both right side up.

LaceUp Cuff 4

Stitch 1/2” from the vinyl fold on both sides.  Don’t sew through the tape.

LaceUp Cuff 5

This is the back side at this point.

LaceUp Cuff 6

Mark the holes for the eyelets as shown on the pattern.  Punch holes through both layers of vinyl but not fabric.  Apply 5 eyelets on each side following package instructions.

LaceUp Cuff 8 

This is where, if you’re me, you realize you cut the lining out backwards and you have to cut a new one.  And you have to cut new interfacing TWICE because you forgot to flip the pattern over.  Sigh.

Moving on.  Press the top and bottom edge of fabric lining piece under 1/4”.  Lay wrong side up.  Lay vinyl piece on top, lining up the top and bottom edge with the edge of the lining fabric that you just pressed.  Center between sides.

LaceUp Cuff 9

Fold the fabric over the edge of the vinyl.  Stitch close to the fold in the fabric.  Repeat on the bottom edge.

LaceUp Cuff 11

LaceUp Cuff 12

Do the same with each end.  You’ll notice in the photo above that I let my project get a little off-center.  I adjusted the amount I folded under accordingly.  All of my mistakes should be so easy to fix.  On that note, don’t touch the vinyl with your iron.

LaceUp Cuff 13

The alternative to rolling the lining to the front to bind the edge would be to cut the back the same size as the front and use bias tape.

Mark spots for the snaps according to the pattern and apply according to package directions.

LaceUp Cuff 14

Lace cord, ribbon, yarn or string through eyelets and tie.  I left the bow big and the ends long because that’s what the person who’s going to wear this requested.  You can always go smaller.  Or bigger.  I also squirted a little glue into the center of the knot and let it dry so it won’t come untied.

LaceUp Cuff 15

All we need now is a little sunshine so this cuff can glam up the short-sleeved shirt it was meant to be with.

LaceUp Cuff 17

LaceUp Cuff 19


5 thoughts on “Lace-Up Cuff Bracelet

  1. Thanks so much for the nice compliment you left me about my owl pillow. I appreciate it so much!

    I’ve really enjoyed scrolling down your blog and looking at all your fabulous tutorials and projects!


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