Love Note Coffee Cup Sleeves

Did you ever have a project that just seemed doomed from the start?  Did you power through anyway, sure that it would work out in the end?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you understand my week.  Fortunately, it was worth the struggle.

This is a revisit to a project I showed you last month, Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves, but a little more advanced version.  One thing I will say right up front, do NOT make this using burlap, like I did, unless you’re up for a challenge.

You’ll need two pieces of cotton fabric (or one cotton and one burlap, if you’re ready for that ride) and a piece of InsulBrite*, cut using this pattern, making sure you flip it over so the two pieces of cotton are opposites.  Don’t use the pattern from the previous sleeve, as this one is a little bigger.  One of the many lessons I learned along the way while making this thing.

You’ll also need about 14” of bias tape, a small piece of clear vinyl (cut from the pattern), two 5/8” or 3/4” buttons and a small piece of elastic or half of a stretchy hair tie.

*InsultBrite is insulated batting.  It has a shiny silver side and feels crunchy when you squish it.  If you’d rather use the batting/ironing board fabric method I used previously, follow the instructions here.

Love Note CCS 1

Sandwich the upper edge of the vinyl into the fold of the bias tape.

Love Note CCS 2

Stitch close to the edge of the fabric.  Cut the ends off even with the vinyl.

Love Note CCS 3

Press one end of the remaining bias tape under.  Slide the left side of the vinyl into the fold, lining up the pressed end with the top.  Place the vinyl on the sleeve according to the pattern.  This part is tricky because you can’t pin the vinyl, so you have to hold it in place while you stitch around the remaining three sides, near the edge of the bias tape.  Fold the tape around the corners.

Love Note CCS 4

When you reach the end, fold the end under.  I clipped off the corners so they wouldn’t show.  Stitch the remaining tape down so it matches with the top of the tape on the vinyl.

Love Note CCS 5

Stitch around the three sides again, close to the outer edge.  Stitch the corners if necessary.

Love Note CCS 6

Lay the piece with the vinyl on it down, window up.

Love Note CCS 7

Add the piece of elastic on the straighter end, with the loop to the inside.

Love Note CCS 8

Add the other sleeve piece, face down.

Love Note CCS 9

Next add the InsulBrite.  Pin everything in place.

Love Note CCS 10

Stitch around the edges with a 1/4” seam.  Back stitch over the elastic.  Leave an opening at the bottom the size of the vinyl window.

Love Note CCS 11

Carefully turn right side out.  Press, turning in opening.  This is where my burlap got a little ugly.

Love Note CCS 12

Stitch all the way around near the edge.  Ordinarily, that would be enough, but because my burlap went a little crazy, I also did a zigzag stitch over the edge to keep it from unraveling.

Love Note CCS 13

Mark the spot for the button as shown.

Love Note CCS 14

Stitch the buttons on, one on each side, sliding a toothpick under each so there’s room for the elastic to loop around.

Love Note CCS 15

Here’s a page of printable love notes I made that fit inside the window.

Love Note CCS 16

And, of course, it’s still reversible.

Love Note CCS 17

The pocket is also a great way to give a coffee gift card.  Just know that the card is flat and the cup is not.

Love Note CCS 18

Or maybe you just need to identify your cup.  With a unique sleeve like this, though, that doesn’t seem likely.

Love Note CCS 19


10 thoughts on “Love Note Coffee Cup Sleeves

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  2. Super Cute! Yes, I know exactly what you mean about “pushing through” on a project. Clear Vinyl in a project is usually what causes the headache… one of these days I’ll invest in a teflon foot! : )

    The burlap is super cute! : )


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