Graduation Gift Check Holder

If you happened to read my Versatile Blogger Award a month or so ago, you already know I have a ton of nieces and nephews.  They range in age from still-in-diapers up to one who’s married with a kid of his own.  There were a few years there where they were popping like popcorn, so it stands to reason they’re now all graduating from high school at a pretty steady pace.  I see clusters of weddings and baby showers in the future.

Last year there were only two graduating, and I made them Fabric Fortune Cookies.  My son also graduated from middle school, so he got a Fabric Fortune Teller.  I liked both of those and kinda wanted to repeat them, but decided to try something new instead. 

There’s four this year, so I used my ninja internet skills to find out each of their school colors.  I used black for the outside of all of them, then a fabric in their colors for the inside.

To make one, you’ll need this pattern (which you’ll need to piece together), fabric for the inside, fabric for the outside, interfacing and embroidery floss.  After making these, I would recommend a piece of very heavy interfacing, or even cardboard if you’d like, inside the cap. If you use something heavy enough it would be difficult to get a needle through it, make sure you cut a hole in the center.

Throughout the directions, when I say envelope, I’m referring to that oddly shaped piece that resembles a bat.  The cap is the square.  Cut 1 inner envelope, 1 outer envelope, 1 inner cap, 1 outer cap, 1 interfacing envelope and 2 interfacing caps.

Grad cap 1

Apply the interfacing to both caps and the outer envelope.

grad cap 2

Pin inner and outer envelope pieces right sides together.  Stitch 1/4” from edge, leaving an opening in the top for turning.  Clip corners.  Turn and press.

grad cap 3

Mark the sides and bottom stitching lines as indicated on the pattern.  Stitch through layers.

grad cap 4

Pin envelope to cap with inner sides together and larger part of cap under envelope.  Stitch across 1/4” from top edge of envelope.  Make sure to keep stitching a little over 1/4’ away from sides of cap.

grad cap 5

Fold all the flaps to the inside and pin so they won’t get caught in the next seam.  Stitch cap pieces right sides together, leaving an opening to turn.

grad cap 6

Clip corners.  Turn.  Unpin envelope flaps.  Press.  Hand stitch opening closed.

grad cap 7

Open so cap is back and envelope is face up.  Lay a check in the middle to verify size and fold the bottom flap up and side flaps over it.  Slide the check out and press.

grad cap 8

Make a small tassel out of embroidery floss by wrapping two strands around a business card about 15 times and tying it off. 

grad cap 9

Incorporate all the floss ends except one into the tassel.  Thread that end into a large needle.  Starting from the outside of the cap, push needle directly through the center.

grad cap 10

Turn over.  From the inside, push needle through all three envelope flaps.  Push needle back through near top of flaps, then back through the first hole, so the needle in now inside the envelope.  Leave some slack in the floss so the check can still slide in.  Knot the floss.

grad cap 11

Slide the check into the envelope. 

grad cap 12

Flip the cap down over the top…

grad cap 13

…and pull the tassel.

grad cap 14

Like I said near the beginning, I think these could benefit from something to keep the cap a little stiffer, but overall I like them.  Off to write a bunch of checks now!

 grad cap final


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