Fabric Wrist Strap

Sometimes, it’s the small, simple things that catch my eye.  I kept seeing these fabric straps all over the place, but never saw the hardware for them anywhere.  I thought they were cute, but had given up making any until recently when I was searching one of my favorite supplier’s site. 

I order the buckles for the paracord stuff my son makes from Creative Designworks.  I recently found most of the hardware for my camera straps there.  I also happened upon the hardware for the fabric straps.  The ones I ordered are 1 1/4” wide.

wrist strap 2

I wanted this to be sturdy, but not with webbing showing.  I decided to use it inside instead.  I started with a  piece of 1” wide webbing, cut to 13” long.  It will easily slide over my hand, which isn’t exactly tiny.  Plus, I wanted it long.  Adjust yours accordingly.

Cut a piece of fabric 3” wide by the length of your webbing plus 3/4”.  In my case, that’s 13 3/4”.  The width is determined by doubling the width of the hardware and adding 1/2” for seams.

wrist strap 3

Turn the short ends of the fabric under 1/4” and press.  Fold right sides together the long way and stitch the long edge.  Turn and press with the seam centered.

wrist strap 4

Feed the webbing inside.  Center between the ends.

wrist strap 5

Stitch down all four sides close to the edge.  Stitch down the center.

wrist strap 6

Fold together so the ends meet and the seam is on the inside.  Stitch through all layers close to the end.

wrist strap 7

Center the end in the strap end hardware and push in as far as it will go.  Carefully pound closed with a rubber mallet.

wrist strap 8

The hardest thing about making these was finding the hardware.  Seriously.  I was concerned it would be difficult to close, but once it started to bend it was a piece of cake.  Add a double jump ring to the end, and you can attach lots of things to this.

wrist strap 9

Are you wondering why I don’t have anything on the end of mine?  Come back next week for another project that will answer that question!


12 thoughts on “Fabric Wrist Strap

  1. I so agree about finding the hardware for these. I found mine on etsy a few weeks back but it took forever trying to google “key fob hardware”! However they are an easy project and somedays it is just good to have something you are allowed to pound! I made mine with a strip of fabric but I really like your completely covered idea.


  2. Thanks for the sweet comment and for playing along! And extra-thanks for “not being lazy” 😉
    Sorry, that not everone
    could win!
    I posted the winners on my blog and also emailed them …

    If you would like to order some buttons I would be happy to custom-make some
    for you. Because the toadstools seemed to be the most popular I will include
    a free toadstool button or toadstool sewing pin (you can choose) with every
    order placed until the 15th of June 2011.

    Wishing you a great day and hope to “see” you again on my blog sometime!

    Ms Muffin


  3. These are really cute and I would love to make one, but what are they used for? At first, I thought it was a bracelet.
    Thanks, Laura


  4. Hi there! I have been thinking about making a wrist or neck strap for my work key card and have been wondering what kind of hardware to use on it. I’m glad I stopped by! I’ll have to check out the store you used.


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