Quick and Easy Fabric Coasters

If you’re still looking for something to make this close to Father’s Day, you’re going to need a simple, easy to make project or superhero-level sewing skills.  Personally, I had to go simple.

Coaster 1

My morning usually starts on the computer.  On the days my husband is home he often sits in the other chair, either working on the laptop or chatting with me.  There is ALWAYS coffee involved.  The caffeine addiction is something we share.  We had a couple of coasters the kids made with those weaving looms and stretchy bands years ago.  I think I could almost see through one of them.  I decided we needed something new and the kids backed me up.

To make one of these coasters, you need two squares of fabric, each 5” by 5” and a matching piece of cotton batting.  If you happen to have some InsulBrite left over from making coffee cup sleeves, that will work too.

Coaster 2

Lay one piece of fabric right side up, the other face down on top of it and the batting on top of that.  Stitch around the outer edge, leaving 1 1/2” open for turning.  Clip the corners.

Coaster 3

Turn right side out, pushing out the corners, and press.  Turn the opening to the inside while pressing.  Top stitch all the way around, close to the edge.

Coaster 4

If you have kids you’re teaching to use the sewing machine, this one is even easy enough for them.  Add a Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve and Dad’s got a new desk set!

Coaster 5


5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Fabric Coasters

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    • It is tight, but I like to leave the smallest opening possible. You can definitely leave it bigger if you find that’s easier. As long as it’s between the corners, you can make it whatever size you like!


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