Recycled Candles

I love candles.  Let me rephrase that…I love candles that smell good.  People who know me are aware of this, and are happy to encourage my collection whenever a good reason presents itself.  I have a cupboard in my house dedicated solely to candles – that’s how bad it is.

One day, I was about to throw away one of those big jar candles that was so empty it wouldn’t burn anymore.  My husband snagged it and, adding it to several more he intercepted since, decided to make his own candles from the remaining wax.

To melt the wax, he used those candle warming plates that were super-popular a few years ago.  It takes a while, but it melts the wax without damaging the jar.

candles 1

He scraped the wax out of several jars and threw them in together, along with a chunk of candle scent someone gave me.

candles 2

Once the wax had melted, he poured it into a cold jar with a wick in it.  We bought some wicks and wax to affix them to the bottom of the jar at the craft store.  He sat the jar in a bowl of ice to speed the cooling process.  Use caution when handling the jar, as it’s hot.  He wore a leather glove most of the time to pour, but I managed the get a photo of him without it.  I think he was showing off.

candles 3

He poured the wax in layers in this particular candle.  I had a bag of beeswax pellets that had been floating around my craft room for a while, so he added them for a little different texture, then poured more hot wax over the top.

candles 4

I cannot condone this, and he did break a jar doing it, but he used a blow torch to melt the wax off the sides of the inside of the jar.  That’s what happens when guys craft.

candles 4b

The wicks we bought were a little short, so he switched to a smaller jar for the next candle.  He also saved a handful of the beeswax and sprinkled it on top.  This one turned out the prettiest.

candles 5

He used a jar that had previously held some sort of food item for this one.

candles 6

He wanted to make a larger candle, so instead of a wick he used a taper for the center.  It seemed to work well, we’ll just have to see how it burns.

candles 7

He may have created a monster here.  I’ll be saving every little bit of wax from now on, just so he’ll make me new candles.  Being married to a creative guy does have its perks.

candles 8


15 thoughts on “Recycled Candles

  1. Have you ever tried soy candles? They burn so much better and leave no excess wax in the jar!! and the smell lasts so much longer. well worth the extra cost


  2. You can also use your coffee pot maker to melt the wax safely. Just remove the coffee pot and set the jar on the warmer for a half hour or so. 🙂


  3. Back in the late 70’s early 80’s, long ago in my Girl Scout days, we made fire starters from paraffin and old candle bits. We had an old metal coffee can/ juice can that we used for the wax. We did a double boiler type thing with a thrifted beat up sauce pan. Some smart Dad even crimped a pour spout in the can. We grabbed the can with slip lock pliers when the stuff melted down. I also remember a ten inch long, half inch round dowel stick for stirring.

    Fire starters are paper egg cartons, cups filled with dryer lint or saw dust, held together by pouring the wax mixture over the carton cups. We used them to start charcoal or wood fires. They lit easily and burned long enough to catch the other materials.

    The same era SAND Candles were popular. A bowl was pressed into sand to form a hollowed out area. The bowl was removed and wax poured into the hole and left to cure. the bowl shaped candle was later dug out and only sort of dusted off. Some had layers of color, some were solid. It all went well unless dinosaurs stepped on it…


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