Crafty with a Y, Staci with an I

Big day at Crafty Staci!  My lens cap pockets made an appearance on television today, in a Photo Accessories for the Mom-tographer segment on a show called Studio 5. 

The segment was great, and Lesli, the photographer who contacted me, was fun to watch.  It was a honor to be included among the other accessories, all of which I’d love to have in my own camera bag.  You can see the video here.  My pockets start at 3:14.

One thing I need to clear up, though, is the spelling of my shop name.  It’s CraftyStaci, not CraftiStacy.  I’m only talking about it here because it seems as though people are searching for the incorrect spelling that was used on the show and landing here at my blog, instead of my Etsy store.  If that’s you, click here: to get to my shop, and thanks for visiting!


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