Witch’s Laundry Day

I don’t always decorate for Halloween.  I’ve always tried to wait until all the birthdays have passed and sometimes it just doesn’t happen at all.  We don’t get trick-or-treaters where we live, and the older the kids get, the less they’re around for Halloween, so it never feels very important.  Sometimes the carved pumpkins are as good as it gets.

This year, I’ve found myself actually wanting to add a little spookiness around here.  I saw some cute little witch’s shoes on a blog somewhere recently and at the same time the tiny clothespins I use as paper clips at my desk caught my eye.  It just goes to show, you never know what’s going to be the thing that inspires you.

witch 1

To make this witchy clothesline, you’ll need this pattern.  When you print it, make sure you change Page Scaling to None.  The first page is the actual witch shape I used to make sure the other pieces were all in proportion.  I included it in case you wanted to put your little witch together, instead of hanging her clothes on the clothesline.  I think she’s pretty cute, either way.

witch 02

Cut out all the main pieces from felt.  I just used the rectangles you can get at any craft or fabric store.  I cut the brim and pointy part of the hat as two separate pieces to give it some dimension.  Cut the back of the brim just like the front. 

witch 3

I used ordinary Elmer’s Glue All to attach the pieces.  You could also use craft glue or hot glue.  A pipe cleaner makes a good broomstick.

witch 4

I added a couple of embellishments, like tiny buttons on the dress…

witch 5

…embroidery thread laces on the shoes…

witch 6

…stripes on the tights, which are just narrow strips I glued on…

witch 7

…and a buckle on the hat band.  I just cut a rectangle slightly wider than the band, cut two slits in it and fed the band through.

witch 8

You can also see in some of the photos, I wrapped a piece of copper wire around the broom.  Once the glue is dry, clip all the pieces onto a cord or rope.

witch 9

That did it.  Now I’m definitely in the mood to go dig out the Halloween box.


32 thoughts on “Witch’s Laundry Day

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  9. We like you no little spook’s coming here they going around Churches now or subdivison’s lol,But I love love this,, so cute Thanks’ for sharing…


  10. This is adorable! I just finished making 2 of them and I think I’ll have to make at least 1 and possibly more for friends. My daughter suggested making the body out of green, which adds something I must say. I think I’m going to make some other colors up because I LOVE Halloween decor. The cardstock idea is cute too.
    Thank you SO much for the idea and pattern. Happy Halloween to you and your family!


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