I’m fairly certain I’ve never made a macaron.  They’re adorable, and I’m sure very tasty, but I think I’ve been intimidated.  Turns out, they aren’t as difficult as I assumed.  And I’ve been spelling it wrong.

Bakerella, queen of the cake pop, shares a simple recipe and pronunciation guide.  I’m pretty sure, when I make these, they’re going to have to be in multiple colors and no one is going to be allowed to eat them.


Macarons don’t have to be edible to be fun either.  Tell me this isn’t the cutest coin purse ever?  The full tutorial is available at Craft Passion


Felt French Macarons would be adorable little pincushions, and the kit from Etsy seller sweetemmajean comes with the pattern and enough felt to make 12 cookies.


I’m off to the kitchen.  Or the sewing room.  Hmm….


2 thoughts on “Macarons

    • Actually, these are French Macarons, which don’t necessarily contain coconut. I think that’s the difference in the spelling. I’m with you on the coconut though – I’m willing to add it to just about anything!


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