Paint Chips from Photos

As I mentioned last week, we’re in the middle of remodeling another room in our house.  When we moved out of our last house, years ago, we had just finished adding onto and updating it too.  Needless to say, we’ve spent a lot of time mulling over paint chips. 

I love color, but that task always stresses me out a little.  It’s a bit like choosing a baby’s name – whatever you pick, you’re stuck with, even if you decide later that Apple is both an odd choice for a child and a bad color for your bathroom.

I happened upon a tool yesterday, which I have absolutely no affiliation with, that’s kind of brilliant.  It’s called Chip It! by Sherwin Williams and it’s almost criminal how fun it is to play with.


It’s very simple.  You give it the address of a photo, like the one above from my homemade Salsa post, and it chooses a palette of colors based on what it sees in the picture.  At first, it gives you a smaller group of five chips, like this pic of Lavender Mint Tea.


But when you hit that little “More Colors” link at the bottom, it expands to up to ten.

Flip Flops

It probably goes without saying, but it’s going to pick up the background in your photo, so the more the colors you’re aiming for fill the frame, the better.


You can use photos from pretty much anywhere online – Pinterest, Flickr, blogs.  You can also share your chips, once you’ve saved them to your ChipBook, via Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.


I apologize in advance for causing you to lose part of your day, but maybe this will inspire you to go paint something.  Somewhere out there, my husband is hoping not.


12 thoughts on “Paint Chips from Photos

  1. Very cool tool indeed! Thanks for posting. That’s an hour I’ll never get back (only kidding)!! It’s really a great help in finding your comfort in color. I always use Sherwin Williams for my paint. Good stuff. In fact I bought their swatch fan book. I find the safest colors come from their “neutrals” palette. If I want to make a bold statement (I always have something to say, husband nods…), I make it on one wall only (so I don’t have to repaint the WHOLE room if I change my mind!! Husband says “What’s this “I” stuff?”
    Don’t stress over choosing a paint color. That’s the cheapest fix if you make a mistake…
    Now choosing a couch or a rug… there’s your stress right there! =)


    • I always tell myself that, but I hated the last color we painted this room and we’re just now getting around to fixing it. We definitely made a “bold statement” with this one, but I LOVE it!


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  3. Thanks for the tip-I love this idea! I used to be a diehard Benjamin Mooore but now we have used Sherwin Williams and are so happy! They are always having a 25-40% off sale so if you are patient and have your colors ready…you can just keep on painting!!


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