Squares and Stripes Mug Mat

I seem to be on a quilting kick lately.  I don’t usually like to work on stuff like that when it’s hot because, well, it’s hot.  All that fabric in your lap is like wearing an unnecessary blanket.  But sometimes things have to get done.

I actually made this little mat to include in my daughter’s Map Memory Box to take to college.  The dorm she’s moving into is only a couple of years old, so I thought the furniture deserved a little protection from her tea cups.

mug mat 1

To make this little mat, you’ll need this pattern.  Cut the pattern pieces apart. 

mug mat 2

Cut 9 small squares from cotton fabric, 9 strips from cotton fabric, one large rectangle from cotton fabric for backing and two large rectangles from cotton batting.  You can use just one layer of batting if you prefer it a bit thinner.  You’ll also need about a yard of bias tape to fit around the outside edge.

mug mat 3

Sew the strips together as shown.  Sew the squares into three rows of three, then stitch those together to make a square.

mug mat 4

Stitch the strips and square together.

mug mat 5

Layer the backing wrong side up, the cotton batting, then the strips and squares right side up. 

mug mat 6

Pin well.

mug mat 7

Stitch through all layers in whatever pattern you’d like.  I went with a diagonal through the squares, but stitched Codi’s name over the strips.  Don’t look too close at that.  I also did a zigzag stitch around the outer edge.

mug mat 8

Open one edge of the bias tape and pin the edge to the edge of the mat.  Fold the beginning end under about 1/4” and overlap that with the finishing end.  Stitch in the opened fold, all the way around.

mug mat 9

Fold the bias over the edge to the back.

mug mat 10

I intentionally used wide bias which would fold deeper onto the back.  I thought it fit with the Batman fabric. 

mug mat 11

I also stitched it in place by hand…which I almost never do, but it was worth it.

mug mat 12

Now, I’ll just keep deluding myself into believing she’s actually going to use it, rather than create rings on that poor furniture.

mug mat 13


10 thoughts on “Squares and Stripes Mug Mat

  1. Ha ha ha… that last sentence made me laugh out loud. That’s exactly my kind of sentiment regarding my daughter! This is a lovely mug mat. The yellow and black and white prints are so gorgeous and I adore the surprise Batman fabric on the reverse. Thanks for the tute. 🙂


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