Loyalty Card Pocket

Am I the only one with this problem?

Loyalty Card Pocket 1

It’s just insane the number of cards we have to keep track of.  None of these are credit cards, they’re just the loyalty cards that retailers offer to give you discounts and cash back on purchases.  Oh, and my library card.  My friend Melinda had a great idea to tame them, which I’ve been using for years.

Loyalty Card Pocket 2

So much neater, and I haven’t lost a card.  But there’s still a couple of small problems.  When I visit the gas station, I have to remove the card from the ring.  I also have a couple of cards that are printed on heavy paper, which wouldn’t last long getting tossed around in my purse.  To compliment the ring system, I needed a pocket to store them in.

Loyalty Card Pocket 3

Is that more red leather?  Why, yes it is!  After shortening my coat and making a new bag, I still had some leather left, so I thought it would be perfect for this.  I was even able to reuse one of the buttons I cut off the coat.

To make this, you’ll need a piece of leather or other heavy fabric for the outside (old jeans would work well), fabric to line the inside, a button and a 3” piece of elastic.

Cut the leather 4” by 8”.  Cut the lining the same size.  Sorry for the dark pictures, but I’m a night-crafter.

Loyalty Card Pocket 4

Fold the leather lengthwise with right sides together.  Stitch down both sides with a 1/4” seam.  Do the same with the lining, but leave a couple of inches open in the middle of one side.

Loyalty Card Pocket 5

Turn the leather piece right side out.  Slide it into the lining so they’re right sides together and the top edges are even.

Loyalty Card Pocket 6

Stitch the ends of the elastic together to create a loop.  Slip the loop between the leather and lining, centered between the seams.  Stitch around 1/4” from the edge, adding extra reinforcing stitching over the elastic.

Loyalty Card Pocket 7

Turn right side out through the hole in the lining.

Loyalty Card Pocket 8

Stitch the opening in the lining closed.  Push the lining into the leather and stitch around the upper edge.

Loyalty Card Pocket 9

Stitch the button on the front, opposite the elastic loop.  Insert cards, pull the loop over the top and hook around the button.

Loyalty Card Pocket 10

This fits perfectly in the pocket in my new bag next to my cell phone.

Loyalty Card Pocket 11

I still haven’t used up all that leather, so I made a zipper pull using the rest of the zipper I cut off to make the pocket inside the bag…

Loyalty Card Pocket 12

…and a Coffee Cup Sleeve, of course.  I even had one more button left from the coat to use on it.

Loyalty Card Pocket 13

I feel like I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth out of this coat.  I still have a couple of pieces of leather left, so I can’t promise this won’t pop up again.  But, for now, I think I’m just going to enjoy all of this.

Loyalty Card Pocket 14

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32 thoughts on “Loyalty Card Pocket

  1. I love it all! I don’t even carry moat of those cards anymore. I’ve loaded them all into apps on my phone. LOL Key Chain and Cardstar. It doesn’t work for punch cards, so I may be doing this soon.


  2. I love this! But I use the small ones that go on your key ring. I have them on their own ring like you do, and have them connected to my keys. I only have 4 or 5 to date. LOL The bigger ones, I save at home.

    I love all the things that you have made from the bottom of you coat. You are so awesome!


  3. You are a champion “green” crafter. I sew also and I bet your stash looks like mine.
    The Japanese say “mottainai”–what a shame to waste!
    Keep it up!


  4. I really enjoyed this and especially liked the Loyalty Card Pocket. As you said, we have so many of them! We had a really nice desk chair that was upholstered in leather. One of the legs broke and the chair is toast. I decided to remove all the leather to try embroidering on it since the chair was going to the dump. Now I have some great projects to use it for as well.


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