What I Did During My Winter Break

Both of my kids started back to school today after the break.  The dog is very depressed about that, but for me it’s when the new year really begins.  As long as they’re home, I can pretend the holidays aren’t quite over, but once school is in session again it’s time to get back to reality.  Indulge me in one last hurrah while I tell you about my break.

If you’ve followed my blog, you know my husband left for a training program in Quantico, Virginia in September.  We’ve been married for 21 years and have never been apart for more than a couple of weeks, so three months and a couple thousand miles was a really big deal. 

He graduated in mid-December, so I flew there to join him.  I had never been to the east coast, so we spent a day sight-seeing in Washington D.C.


I’d love to go back and spend more time, but the weather was beautiful and we got to walk around and see many of the popular landmarks.

After our D.C. adventure and my tour of the FBI facility in Virginia, we took a train to Baltimore, Maryland.  Before he left in September, we decided to take a cruise as our Christmas gift to each other and to celebrate his achievement, and Baltimore was our port.  Our ship was late, so we got to spend a few hours exploring downtown Baltimore, which was actually a nice surprise.


Our cruise took us to Port Canaveral, Florida, where we spent some time at Disney World.  No one does Christmas like Disney.


Our next stop was in the Bahamas at Nassau.  Another first for me – I’ve never been outside the U.S. besides Mexico. 

One of the interesting places we visited there was called the Straw Market.  It’s a brand-new building, full of people selling tables piled with handmade items.  There’s obviously some things mixed in that at least aren’t made by the person selling them, but the row of woodworkers actively making new items was fascinating.  If we would have had room in our luggage, there are a couple of things that would be in my house right now.


Our last stop was at a little place in the Bahamas called Coco Cay.  It’s a tiny island that’s leased by the cruise line.  It was tough to lay there getting sunburned and floating in the Caribbean in December, but we suffered through it. 


As you might imagine, the flight from Washington D.C. back to Oregon is a pretty long one.  I sat next to a young lady who was probably about 10 or 12 years old.  She spent most of the trip reading, but after a while she grabbed her bag and started searching for what I would later find out was a pen.  In the process, she pulled out a skein of yarn.  I was SO hoping she’d start working on something from it!

That’s what I did on my vacation.  If you’re having any bad feelings toward me right now, here’s something that might make you feel better.  The day I arrived in Virginia, my husband had come down with a cold.  Midway through our cruise, I had it as well.  We’re both still sick.  But it was totally worth it.



6 thoughts on “What I Did During My Winter Break

  1. Wow, you took me down memory lane. I grew up right outside of DC. Baltimore harbor is one of my favorite places, and so is DisneyWorld. Glad you and your husband had a wonderful time and hope you guys feel better soon.


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