Pizza Box Valentine

The one kid I have still living at home full time is a 17-year-old boy.  All of my cute, girly ideas are completely wasted on him.  He’ll smile and nod, but for the most part I feel like he’s just humoring me.  However, there is one thing that he, like most teenaged boys can’t get enough of – pizza.

Pizza Box Valentine 1

So, obviously, pizza was my inspiration for this Valentine project.  It consists of a printable pizza box that says “I want to give you a Pizza my heart, Valentine” and a felt pizza candy pocket.  Please don’t make me explain my pizza pun, like I had to do for my son.

Pizza Box Valentine 1.5

To make the box, you’ll need this printable.  I printed mine on white cardstock first, then kraft cardstock, which looks more pizza box-ish.  Be sure to figure out which way you need to turn the paper to print the second side with some less expensive paper before you use the cardstock.  When it’s finished, the box measures 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 x 1”.

Cut around the outside of the box pattern.  Cut in at each of the eight dotted red lines.  Score the remaining lines by holding a ruler next to each and running down it against the paper with something dull.  I used the curved end of a paper clip.  Fold up at each of those lines.

Pizza Box Valentine 2

Apply glue to each of the six tabs on the Pizza printed side of the box.  I used those roll-on sticky glue dots.

Pizza Box Valentine 3

Fold the tabs in and stick them to the inside of the box walls.

Pizza Box Valentine 4

Fold the top closed.  You could stop here and fill it with some candy or a cookie.  But I couldn’t let this go until there was a pizza inside.  A cookie made to look like a pizza would be adorable, by the way.

Pizza Box Valentine 5

I made the pizza using felt, embroidery floss and a few buttons.  You’ll find the shapes I used here.  Cut two crusts, one sauce and one cheese.  I also cut a few olive slices and green pepper bits.  If you don’t have buttons the appropriate color you could also cut those from felt.

Pizza Box Valentine 6

You could glue all the pieces together, but I chose to sew them down with embroidery floss.  I found it was unnecessary to stitch the red because the yellow covered almost all of it.

Pizza Box Valentine 7

Stitch the buttons and remaining pieces on with matching floss and simple stitches.

Pizza Box Valentine 8

Stitch across the top edge – I used a blanket stitch, but a simple straight stitch near the end would work too.

Pizza Box Valentine 9

When you reach the top of the heart on the right, as shown above, stack the second crust under the pizza.  Continue stitching through both crusts until you reach where you started on the front.

Pizza Box Valentine 10

Flip it over and finish stitching just the back crust.

Pizza Box Valentine 11

Fill the heart with candy or other small trinkets.

Pizza Box Valentine 12

Pop it into the box…

Pizza Box Valentine 13

Close it up…

Pizza Box Valentine 14

And give it to your favorite pizza-loving Valentine!

Pizza Box Valentine 15




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14 thoughts on “Pizza Box Valentine

  1. Hee! I like your pun! Thanks for sharing your printable and favor idea! Um… I don’t suppose you’d want to make a version of the printable with the comma…? (“I want to give you a Pizza my heart, Valentine!”) Eh, I can always draw it in myself. :} Thanks again for sharing!


  2. Darling! I don’t really do Valentines BUT I love Amigurumi and this could sorta be a take off of that! I make a few food items and such…wondering what I could do to change the pun to suit each item and maybe adjust atleast 1 part of it to hold a treat as you did with the pizza….really got my thinking now! Thanks!!!!


  3. LOVE this so much!! I can’t wait to try this out, however, when i clicked to get to the heart shaped pizza pattern it just took me back to the printable pizza box :/


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