Money Gift Tea Bag

My daughter had a birthday last week.  She and her fiancé were having their engagement photos taken last weekend, so I knew she was planning to buy some new clothes.  I decided to give her cash toward them, but I couldn’t just hand it over or stick it into a card.  She’s a tea fanatic, so I made a fabric tea bag as a money holder.

Money Gift Tea Bag 1 - Crafty Staci

Here’s the best part of the story.  She’s a girl after my own heart and loves Fiesta dishes so I was going to buy her a mug to put the money tea bag in.  The only one I could find in the store I was at was $26 and not a tea cup but a latte mug.  Luckily, I walked around a corner and found this instead.

Money Gift Tea Bag 2 - Crafty Staci

Do you see that tag?  Only $10.20 for the set at 80% off!  All because the bowl is missing.  And it just happens to be her favorite Fiesta color.  Score.

Anyway, back to the tea bag.  To make one, you’ll need a piece of thin fabric, like muslin.  I used a dotted linen.  Cut a strip 8” by 4 1/2”.

Money Gift Tea Bag 3 - Crafty Staci

Fold it in half with the right sides together and stitch 1/4” from the long edge.

Money Gift Tea Bag 4 - Crafty Staci

Turn right side out.  Press with the seam centered in the back.

Money Gift Tea Bag 5 - Crafty Staci

Fold in half the other direction with the seam facing up.  Stitch across 1/8” from the fold.

Money Gift Tea Bag 6 - Crafty Staci

Fold each side back up 1/2” from the stitched fold.  Stitch across 1/8” from each new fold.

Money Gift Tea Bag 7 - Crafty Staci

Fold money up and slip inside each side.

Money Gift Tea Bag 8 - Crafty Staci

Bring all the raw edges together at the top and zigzag across.

Money Gift Tea Bag 9 - Crafty Staci

Make a tag using cardstock.  Cut a 10” piece of string.  Fold the top of the tea bag over 1/2”.  Stitch through all the layers and tie a knot.  I thought I was going to staple it, but it was too thick.  Fortunately, my stapler survived.  Barely.

Cut the string to your desired length and staple on the tag.

Money Gift Tea Bag 10 - Crafty Staci

If you’re not a Fiesta person, you could also find a pretty teacup at a thrift store.  Just make sure the recipient knows there’s money inside the tea bag.  I’d hate to find out what brewed cash tastes like.

Money Gift Tea Bag 11 - Crafty Staci


28 thoughts on “Money Gift Tea Bag

  1. Hi Staci! We talked some time back when I used your wristlet pattern for my future daughter-in-law’s wedding day..that’s when you told me your daughter was engaged too! Well, the wedding was this past Sunday in Pittsburgh, PA. and the wristlet was perfect for the traditional dance where guests pay $1 (into wristlet!) to dance w/the bride and form a circle around her thru which the groom needs to break through to get back to her… Thanks so much for a wonderful memory! ..will try to send a pix! Linda

    On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 9:01 AM, Crafty Staci


  2. What a great idea! I hate giving cash for presents because it seems kind of lazy and thoughtless, but this made it absolutely PERFECT! The purpose for it is so sweet and the presentation is beautiful (and anything but lazy). I’m sure she loved it.


    • I agree. I cannot just hand over cash. For my daughter’s firefighter fiance’s birthday, I made a card with a clear window that said “Break in Case of Emergency.” I think money is often a useful gift, but some thought and creativity makes all the difference! And yep, she loved it! 🙂


  3. Cute and creative idea! I followed here from Katherine’s blog. Congratulations on your Good Neighbour award. It’s so fun to find exactly what you need and at a great price! To quote the A Team, “I love when a plan comes together”.


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