DIY Cookbooks

I have a dilemma, and I’m going to be up against it for the next five months.  I’ve got lots of things to make for my daughter’s wedding in July, but I’ve been forbidden by the bride from writing about any of it here until the wedding is over.  I’ve made a few cute things lately, but this radio silence is keeping me from showing them to you yet.  I can tell you, come August you’ll probably get sick of hearing about wedding stuff.

I was working on something today that lead into a non-wedding project, so THAT I can share.  This is my cookbook shelf my husband built into the end of the island when he remodeled our kitchen.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 1

See that empty space on the top shelf?  It was completely full of recipes I’d printed, cut from magazines, etc.  This is just a sampling.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 2

I also had a giant binder I’d stuffed recipes into the last time I decided to tackle that pile, and it was so big it was falling apart and was almost impossible to pick up any more.  I decided it made more sense to sort the recipes into categories and have a book for each one.  If you remember my Fiesta dishes, you know I’m not afraid of rainbow colors in my kitchen.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 3

After much hole punching, I slipped the recipes into their appropriate binders.  My goal was to have a little room to add to them, but I’m a little worried about the dessert book.  That would be the already-stuffed yellow one on the end.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 4

The binders I used have the clear plastic so you can print a label and slide in down the spine, but as I said, this was an off-shoot of a project I was already working on, and that involved my vinyl cutting machine.  I had a little trouble getting the vinyl to stick to the binder, so I hope these survive.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 5

I love how these look, all labeled and colorful and organized.

DIY Cookbooks - Crafty Staci 6

Thanks for joining me for that little break.  Now, back to wedding crafting!


27 thoughts on “DIY Cookbooks

  1. Love the colorful binders! I’d suggest you attach the vinyl cutouts (I would print them myself) onto cardstock for binder front and spine. Then if you ever wanted to exchange the binders, it would be a simple matter of removing them and slipping them into another binder’s front and spine slots.


    • That was actually my original plan, but I didn’t want to obscure the colorful spine with card stock. Of course, now it occurs to me I could have stuck the letters to some clear vinyl and slipped that in. Next time, I guess!


  2. They look fab. I do the same thing only my binders are kind of ugly! LOL. Why don’t you take those letters and put them on a rectangular piece of velum or clear stencil plastic and then slide that down the spine so your pretty white letters last forever. (?) Your vinyl machine sounds cool have you posted about it before? I think you can post about the wedding in real time but set all your posts in the future so that you have all your blog posts done for later- maybe you’ll need a break after the wedding!! LOL have fun!


    • That velum or clear plastic is a great idea, and if these end up peeling, that’s definitely what I’m doing next. I mentioned the vinyl cutting machine once, but I’ve barely had time to us it since I got it for Christmas. I love the idea of scheduling the post-wedding posts!


      • oh, i was thinking about this right after while i was making dinner one night and you know what would be easiest is just putting a strip of clear packing tape over the spines so they don’t peel or get dirty and you will never really know the packing tape is there if you can be neat about it 🙂 They are just so pretty all clean and neat like that!


    • Thank you Sophia! You should see my house – the only white walls I have left are in the laundry room, and that’s just because I haven’t gotten to painting those yet! 🙂


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