Quick Tip–Craft Floss Storage

I told you last week about how I’m going to be a bit limited on what I can talk about here between now and the end of July so I don’t ruin any surprises for my daughter’s wedding.  I’ve been thinking about starting a series showing you some quick sewing and craft tips I’ve learned over the years, so this seems like a great time for that.  Welcome to the first in my series of Quick Tips!

I use craft floss, or embroidery floss often when I’m crafting. 

Quick Tip - Craft Floss Storage - Crafty Staci 1

The problem is, it tends to end up looking something like this, despite my best efforts.

Quick Tip - Craft Floss Storage - Crafty Staci 2

If I throw it back in the box this way, the next time I need it I’ll take one look at that mess and move on.  I realized my empty sewing thread spools might help solve the issue.

Quick Tip - Craft Floss Storage - Crafty Staci 3

These are the perfect size to hold a skein of craft thread.  The end slips right in where the thread end is normal held at the bottom of the spool.

Quick Tip - Craft Floss Storage - Crafty Staci 4

Neat and tidy!


16 thoughts on “Quick Tip–Craft Floss Storage

      • Hi Staci, I have been looking for empty 100m Gutermann spools for wrapping my embroidery floss too. I’ve searched the internet for manufacturers of that style spool. No luck. Finally, I see someone else has the same idea. Any suggestions as to where I can find and purchase 450-500 spools?
        Thank you for any help you can give.


        • Wow, that’s a lot of spools! I wish I had a suggestion for you, but the empty spools I use I just keep after I’m done with the thread. The only empty ones I’ve ever seen for purchase are wood spools at the craft store. You might contact a local fabric or quilt shop and see if they would save them for you, or put the word out to their customers. Good luck Stephanie!


  1. Looks like you snuck a picture of MY box of embroidery floss. Reckon I’ll give this a try as soon as I have some empty spools available. Thanks so much for sharing this tip.


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