Friday Favorites–My Birthday 2015

So, Monday is my birthday, and as has become tradition around here, today’s Friday Favorites collection is a wish list of sorts.  Everything here isn’t necessarily crafty or handmade, it’s just stuff I like.  A little change of pace to celebrate that the two numbers in my age add up to 10.  Yes, I’m 28 again.  And my ride is a unicorn.

And just so this isn’t ALL about me, I hope all you moms out there are spoiled silly on Sunday.  Maybe you can find a thing or two here worthy of hint-dropping to the last minute shoppers you know. Winking smile

My Birthday List 2015 - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

This looks like an ordinary pair of boots.  In fact, I have a pair that looks very much like these.  They’re good boots, but nothing special…right?  Wrong!  These boots from Elizabeth Anne Shoes have genius little pockets inside to hold your phone, cards, cash, etc.  No purse!

Purse 'N Boots from Elizabeth Anne Shoes

I think Wonder Woman has made an appearance on nearly all of my birthday lists.  Clearly I’m a fan.  If I were having a party, this Wonder Woman theme from Kara’s Party Ideas would be perfect.  I especially love the bodice cookies.

Wonder Woman Birthday Party from Kara's Party Ideas

How often have you pulled a cake out of the oven, only to wonder how it tastes and if it turned out okay?  I know I’m not the only one.  This Nibble cake pan from Quirky has a tiny taster cup attached to the full-sized pan.  It’s like a little cupcake to taste.  Smart, huh?  Especially good for those of us who like to experiment in the kitchen.

Nibble Cake Pan from Quirky

A few years ago my husband built me a big, beautiful dining room table.  We don’t use it every day, in fact, sometimes I have to dust the chairs.  But it’s still a central point in our house, and I try to keep it pretty.  This Trough Centerpiece from How to Nest for Less, in a different color for us, would be perfect in the center.

Table Trough Centerpiece from How to Nest for Less

This isn’t the sexiest thing on my list today, but these Incra Marking Rulers from Lee Valley and Veritas are pretty smart.  They’re metal, with little holes you can use for marking.  My craft room needs this.

Incra Marking Rules from Lee Valley & Veritas

I am a full-on introvert.  I enjoy being around people, but I need time by myself to recover afterward.  I don’t fight it anymore – I know me.  I also know I can’t even think about starting my day without coffee.  BrittanyGarnerDesign on Etsy made this cup for me, I just know it.

Introverting Coffee Mug from BrittanyGarnerDesign on Etsy

My husband is actually the Thin Mint fan in our house, but I was recently at a Yankee Candle store with my daughter and smelled this candle.  It smells just like the cookie.  Let me say that again – this candle smells just like a Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie Candle from Yankee Candle

My sewing room is almost finished, so the big reveal is coming soon, but I still have one empty spot on the wall I’d like to fill.  I have some other pics from thedreamygiraffe on Etsy, so this print would fit right in.  Not to mention, it’s probably true.

Crafty Girl Print from Thedreamygiraffe on Etsy

My goal for myself over the last year or so has been to get out and meet more like-minded people.  I’ve been to a few blogger events now, and I’ll be attending my first Etsy meet-up next Friday.  Because of this, I’ve found myself needing to haul some things around more often, so I’m sure I can’t live without this Olde Book Messenger Bag from ThinkGeek another minute.  It’s even my favorite color!

Olde Book Messenger Bag from ThinkGeek

It’s not that I don’t like cake, it’s just that I don’t think my birthday dessert HAS to be a cake.  Candles will stick in anything you can chew.  This year, it just might have to be this Peanut Butter Truffle Bark from The Gunny Sack.  Yum.  I can’t stop looking at the photo.

Peanut Butter Truffle Bark from The Gunny Sack

I love curating my Friday Favorites each week, and I want to make sure that the talented people who have created these projects are fully acknowledged for their work.  Before you pin or share, please click through the link or photo to the originating website.  You can also find all the projects each week on my Friday Favorites Pinterest board.  Thank you!

Don’t forget, you have until midnight on Sunday to enter to win one of my Utility/Vendor Aprons as part of Giveaway Day!


19 thoughts on “Friday Favorites–My Birthday 2015

  1. happy birthday and happy mothers day hope the weather cooperates where you live I really want to get my butterfly garden in this weekend. so hope it doesn’t rain. thanks for sharing.


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  3. Hi Stacy, guess this is the first time I read your post entirely, and pls, rest assured it has nothing to do with how or what you share, just too many mails… Guess you understand since we’re both introverts and lately the loas of them get too much.. Anyway, so today I did read all of it and I really enjoyed it a lot, you’re sure this is your wish list and not mine 🙂 Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend and would like to wish you a fabulous birthday, full of joy, happiness, a good health, sparkling ideas bubbling in your mind and plenty of energy to make them come real, some good friends, love, …. Happy birthday, girl, go and shine

    Date: Fri, 8 May 2015 13:00:47 +0000 To:


    • I completely understand Caroline. There are so many blogs out there worth reading, no one could ever keep up with all of them. I’m glad you enjoyed this post though, and thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes! 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday, Staci. I love your list, especially the cake pan. Oh, I could use one of those with little sample treats ALL AROUND the cake. That way, I’d have lots of little excuses to have some cake. Hope Monday is a beautiful day for you.


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