Tassel Graduation Card

My husband is the youngest of seven children, and every one of those families has two or three kids.  That sounds like the beginning of a story problem, but what it really means is that high school graduations have been coming fast and furious for the last few years.  That’s not even addressing the bunch on my side, but I’m the oldest so we’re just getting started on those.

We have a niece and a nephew to congratulate this year, so I’ve been working to come up with a creative way to do that.  I knew it would involve money, as I believe that’s one of the most practical and welcome ways to pat a kid one the back who just trudged his or her way through twelve or more years of education.

Tassel Graduation Card Free Printable from Crafty Staci

You can create the simple card using this printable and a piece of cardstock.

To make the tassel, you’ll need a couple of colors of embroidery thread.  I used the kids’ school colors.  Not sure what they are?  Google the school and “school colors” and they’ll pop right up.  Cut a 6” piece from one color and lay it across a business card.

Cut a 6 piece and lay across business card

Wrap both colors around over the top of it four times.  Cut one strand.  Wrap the other 6” above and cut at the bottom of the card.

Wrap one strand 6 inches above

Twist the long strand once at the top of the card.  Tie the 6” strand, making sure it goes through the large loop once above the twist.

Tie off

Slide off the card.  Clip the bottom loops.  Cut another 6” strand and tie it around about 1/4” from the top of the tassel.

Tassel with tie

Poke through the two white dots at the top of the mortarboard on the card with a large needle.  Using a tiny crochet hook (or infinite patience), pull the top of the tassel loop to the back through one hole.

Pull loop to back

Pull it to the front through the other.

Pull loop to front

Feed the tassel through the loop and gently pull to tighten.

Feed tassel through loop

You can either glue or stitch the tassel to your desired spot on the card.  I opted to stitch mine and hide the threads in the tassel.

Attach tassel to card

Ready to add some encouraging words and gift to the inside!

Finished cards

As an added bonus, I printed a sheet with each graduate’s name and graduation year and glued them inside the envelopes.  A little extra personal touch never hurt anyone!

Tassel Graduation Card with lined envelope


10 thoughts on “Tassel Graduation Card

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  2. So simple and so fabulous. Those are the best ideas! Thank you for coming to the party with us. Pinned! I adore this contribution here. Will you come party with us again later today/tomorrow?! Have a great weekend, Rose, FineCraftGuild, organizer of SHARE IT!


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