Book Review: She Wears the Pants

I’m here today to a book review courtesy of Tuttle Publishing.  They have provided me with the book in exchange for this review, but the opinions are all my own.  This post also contains affiliate links.

I have a confession to make.  I received She Wears the Pants: Easy Sew-it-Yourself Fashion with an Edgy Urban Style by Yuko Takada
from Tuttle months ago.  I kept putting off my review because, to be honest, I wasn’t excited at all about sewing pants.  It’s hard enough for me to buy pants, let alone make them, with my mismatched hip-to-waist ratio and my legs that have never been skinny, even when the rest of me was.  I kept putting it aside until, finally, I forgot I had it.  I noticed it wedged between some other books on my desk last week and figured I better bite the bullet.

She Wears the Pants book cover

Well, I owe Tuttle and the author an apology.  Not only for my procrastinating, but for assuming I knew what the book was about based on the title.  In my defense, the model on the front IS wearing pants.  However, when I opened it up, it’s not about pants at all.  The title reference is to the fact that the garments inside were inspired by menswear.  They are definitely urban, but there are a few things I could see myself wearing.

I think this Jumper Skirt is cute.

Jumper Skirt

This Top with Epaulets, from the front cover, looks like something just about anyone could wear.

Top with Epaulettes

I love this Fleece Jacket.  This would be a great fall-into-winter piece.

Fleece Jacket

Here’s something I’ve never heard of.  Are you familiar with Tippets?  They seem to be an added collar, sometimes with suspenders, and look like they could be a great addition to the right outfit.


With Tuttle books, you can expect a thorough description of how the patterns work, sizing and which materials are appropriate.  Each author handles them a bit differently, but it’s always clear what to do next.

About the patterns

This book does a good job of illustrating the steps to making a garment, which I always appreciate, especially those with a higher difficulty level.

Instruction page

The complete patterns are provided in an envelope at the back of the book.  You’ll need to trace them to keep each piece intact, but that’s a good practice anyway so the original remains usable.

Folded patterns

I was pleasantly surprised by She Wears the Pants.  The garments could be dressed up or down, and there are things appropriate for a wide range of sizes, ages and style preferences.  Now I wish I would have cracked that cover much sooner!

She Wears the Pants back cover


7 thoughts on “Book Review: She Wears the Pants

  1. Looks like such an original book…and so detailed. I don’t know if I could pull off any of those looks, but I appreciate the creativity and artistic photos in that book. Thanks for sharing!


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