Friday Favorites–Hit the Road

We don’t have a big vacation planned for this summer, but we seem to be taking a lot of smaller trips for my husband’s job.  Hey, traveling is traveling, right?  Since it’s just the two of us most of the time now (and all the time come December) it’s pretty easy to just pick up and go.  However, I haven’t forgotten the days of traveling as a family, especially since they are some of my fondest memories.

Friday Favorites - Hit the Road - Crafts for Traveling

It seems like every time we go somewhere we have a few more cords to drag along with us.  When are hotels going to catch up with the growing list of things that need to be charged and up the number of available outlets?  We’ve unplugged a lamp or two during our travels.  Make getting all those cords there a more pleasant experience with this Cable Cosy from Live It Love It Make It.

Cable Cozy from Live It Love It Make It

There are so many things to try and keep together when you’re taking a road trip.  This Divided Organizer Bucket from Art Gallery Fabrics will help keep it all together and is easy to grab and stash out of sight during stops.


When I told my son that I’ve seen temporary tattoos for kids with the parents’ contact info, he laughed.  He’s clearly never traveled with little ones.  These ID Bracelets from Make It and Love It are cute and smart.  I would probably not include the names of the kids or parents on the outside for safety reasons, but that’s an easy fix.

ID Bracelets from Make It and Love It

I also like this version from Real Moms of Vegas that just has number beads spelling out the phone number.  Thanks to everyone carrying phones that store them, no one memorizes numbers anymore.  Don’t even get me started on cursive handwriting.

Phone Number Bracelet from Real Moms of Vegas

I love this Monster Tail Kid’s Travel Pillow from Tried and True.  I think I need one myself.

Monster Tail Kids Travel Pillow

I am a travel checklist queen – just ask my family.  This printable set from Design is Yay is adorable, and might need to be added to my collection.


Keeping kids occupied is probably one of the top three secrets to good travel, along with fed and rested.  This Travel Art Roll from Rajovilla is a great way for them to document their trip with pictures.

rajovilla ART roll

For the older set, make them a Travel Book, like this one from Scrapbook Adhesives.

Travel Book from Scrapbook Adhesives

I rarely paint my fingernails.  They just get messed up from the abuse they take in my studio.  However, when we travel I usually take the opportunity to enjoy a little color for a few days.  That means I usually need to bring along something in case of repair or removal, and this Travel Manicure Kit from Positively Splendid would be perfect.

Travel Manicure Set from Positively Splendid

This Passport Wallet is one of my own projects from a few years ago.  The nice thing about it is that it can hold more than one passport – you’re going to be responsible for all of them anyway, aren’t you Mom?

Passport Wallet from Crafty Staci


I love curating my Friday Favorites each week, and I want to make sure that the talented people who have created these projects are fully acknowledged for their work.  Before you pin or share, please click through the link or photo to the originating website.  You can also find all the projects each week on my Friday Favorites Pinterest board.  Thank you!


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