Key Fob Wristlet

I hope you had a chance to enter my 6th Anniversary Giveaway last week.  If not, hop on over – today is the last day! (giveaway has ended)

When I was gathering the collection for the giveaway, I decided to throw in a couple of sets of key fob hardware.  They’re so quick to make, and once you have the hardware it takes very few supplies.  Perfect for those fabric scraps!  There are many ways to make these handy little things, so let me show you mine.

Easy-to-Sew Key Fob Wristlet from Crafty Staci

You’ll need:

  • key fob hardware (I ordered mine from this seller on Etsy)
  • two 1 7/8 x 10 1/2” pieces of cotton fabric
  • two 1 5/8 x 10 1/4” pieces of fusible fleece

Supplies for key fob

Iron the fleece onto the back of the fabric pieces.  You want to do this with the fabric side facing up.  If you don’t have, or don’t want to use, fusible fleece you can use ordinary thin batting, just make sure you pin the layers together well in the upcoming steps.

Attaching fusible fleece

If you’re using a tag, you can sew that on now.  Pin the two pieces with right sides of the fabric together.  Stitch both long sides with a 1/4” seam.

Stitch side seams

To turn right side out, attach a large safety pin to the seam allowance, making sure to catch the batting.  That will help prevent the pin from ripping through your fabric.

Attach safety pin to seam allowance to turn

Push the pin into the tube.  Continue pushing it through until it comes out the other side.

Turning tube right side out

Pull the tube right side out and remove the pin.  Roll the seams between your fingers until they’re flat, then press well on the front and back.  Top stitch close to the edge down both sides.

Top stitch both sides

Bring the two ends together and pin or clip.  Stitch over the edge with a medium width zigzag stitch.

Attach ends with a zigzag stitch

Center the hardware over the stitched end.  Wrap a scrap of fleece over the top to protect it from scratches.  Gently squeeze it closed with a pair of pliers.

Protect hardware and close with pliers

I alternate sides until it’s completely closed, but not squished to the point it’s warped.  This is really the most difficult part of this whole project.

Hardware applied

Add the ring, and you’re done!

Add key ring

This is kind of an addictive project – once you’ve made one it’s hard to stop.  Not to mention, I’ve actually been using one of these for a few months now, and I love it.  It’s bright, comfortable and easy to find.

Key Fobs from Crafty Staci

This is a good beginner project, and I encourage you to give it a try.  However, if you really want one and don’t want to make it yourself, you’ll find these in my Etsy shop!

Key Fob by Crafty Staci



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24 thoughts on “Key Fob Wristlet

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  5. To protect the hardware from scratches, I bought some plastic tubing and put some on each tip of the pliers. No more scratched hardware.


  6. Great tutorial! I am admittedly a sewing novice, so sometimes it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around fabric dimensions. I was hoping you’d be able to help me adjust the measurements for using 1.0″ hardware. Thanks!


    • I’d try cutting it the same length, but 1 5/8″ wide. The nice part is these are small, so you can afford to experiment a bit to find the right width. That’s what I did when I made these, and my first one was too wide. Your strap should be the same width as your hardware after you sew it up. Good luck Mr. No-Sew, and I hope you’re soon Mr. Sews-a-Lot! 🙂


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