Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Printable Banner

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought it was time to dig deep into my Irish roots for a project.  Actually, those roots might be more Scottish, but since there’s a question mark I go ahead and assume my ancestors came from a little further South.  Especially in March.

I don’t usually decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s a holiday I enjoy, so why not?  This banner was pretty quick to make, but also a good size so it looks like I tried harder than I did.  Between you and me, those projects are kind of my favorites.

Lucky St. Patrick's Day Printable Banner on Crafty Staci

This one is easy.  Print out these four pages on card stock.

Printable Lucky Banner

Cut out all the pieces with a good pair of sharp scissors.  Punch holes near the top of each letter or shape, making sure to put two holes in the top of the L so it will hang straight.

St. Patrick's Day Printable

Cut a piece of baker’s twine, ribbon, cord, string, yarn, or whatever you have to work with that’s six feet long.  String the letters and four-leaf clovers on and space them out evenly.

Lucky Printable Banner

Tie a loop in each end and hang it.  Done.  Don’t you feel a little bit Irish now?

Lucky St Patrick's Day Free Printable from Crafty Staci

On a side note, I can’t WAIT to show you March’s Hot Pad of the Month – look for it next Wednesday!


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