Hot Pad of the Month–May Strawberry

Today is my birthday, so I feel like it’s okay to base this month’s hot pad on one of my favorite things – strawberries.  When they’re in season, I can’t leave them alone.  The summer I was pregnant with my daughter I threw back so many I warned my husband that she might be born bright red and covered in seeds.  Even though I ate my substantially pregnant weight in them it didn’t diminish my love for those sweet little berries.  I might not be able to start eating them quite yet this year, but I think this cute hot pad will help me get through until I can.

Hot Pad of the Month - May Strawberry from Crafty Staci

If you’ve been following along during this series, you know these have varied in difficulty and skill level.  This one is definitely one of the easiest, which is perfect for the crazy busyness that is May.

To make this hot pad you’ll need:

  • this pattern
  • 2 caps cut from green fabric (flip pattern for second)
  • 2 strawberries from red fabric
  • 1 strawberry from fusible interfacing
  • 1 strawberry from thin batting
  • 1 strawberry from InsulBright
  • yellow craft thread
  • green craft thread

Strawberry Hot Pad pieces

Mark the dots on the strawberry as shown on the pattern using a chalk pencil.

Marking dots on strawberry

Apply the interfacing to the back.  Layer the InsulBright, batting, front strawberry (right side up) and back strawberry (right side down).  Pin layers together and stitch around, leaving 3” open at the bottom.

Stitching layers

Turn right side out through opening.  Press, turning in opening.  Topstitch all the way around, close to the edge.


Using yellow craft thread, push needle down through all the layers just to the right of a dot.  Push it back up on the left.

Stitch for tying

Tie the two strands in a tight knot and clip the threads about 1/4” long.

Knot tied

Repeat at for all the dots.

All dots tied

I used the tip of my needle to unravel and fluff the ends.  I was going for an old-fashioned tied quilt look, but if you want something a little cleaner looking you could always tie the knots on the back.  The front would look like this.

Knots from the back

Pin the two caps right sides together.  Stitch, leaving 2” open at the top.

Caps sewn

Clip all of the corners.  Turn right side out and press, turning in the opening.

Cap turned and pressed

I hand stitched around the edge using green craft thread, but you could topstitch it with a machine if you prefer.  Leave the top edge unstitched.

Topstitching on cap

Align the top edge of the cap with the top of the strawberry.  Stitch across the top using your preferred method.

Attaching cap to strawberry

I can’t decide if this makes me feel better I can’t get Oregon strawberries yet, or just makes me want them more. Either way, it’s going to look pretty good with a piece of cake on top of it later!

Strawberry Hot Pad from Crafty Staci

You can find links to all of the previous months’ patterns on my Hot Pads page.


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16 thoughts on “Hot Pad of the Month–May Strawberry

  1. Happy Birthday! One of my favorite fruits as well. I almost regret saying this, but we’ve enjoyed some local strawberries this month, and they were delicious! 😉


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