Goodbye to Talented Tuesday

If you came to link up or take a look at what everyone else was up to last week you may have noticed that Talented Tuesday was missing.  It turns out, things still happen when you check out of the world for a couple of weeks.  While I was away on vacation the decision was made to end our link party, and then it was gone. I had no idea until I came back, so I apologize for not informing you sooner.  Without getting into my feelings about it too much, I’ll just say I’m sad that after over a year of hostessing I wasn’t given the chance to be part of the decision, or even post the last one.

The important part is that I want to let you know how much I appreciate the time you spent reading, linking and sharing.  It was so much fun to check out all of the projects, recipes and articles every week, and I’m going to miss it. Thank you! ❤

Talented Tuesday


26 thoughts on “Goodbye to Talented Tuesday

  1. Sorry Staci, it will be missed! It’s sad you were taken advantage of while you were gone! You did an amazing job!! Will keep looking out for more from you in the future!!😊


  2. Staci, please let us know who the “misfit toys from the land of the lost” are that felt it so necessary to make this decision without your input. And not bothering to tell you is a low blow that we should never do to anyone. We need to have enough confidence and decency in ourselves to do the right thing — be honest, that’s all it takes. Anyway, it’s important for everyone to know just who these people are so in case they have a blog or business of their own, we can grant them the same courtesies that they showed you. I wish you all good things and much success in your future endeavors!


    • I appreciate your support Beatriz. I didn’t mean to disparage my fellow hostesses. They did tell me, I just wasn’t around to hear it, and I didn’t understand why it couldn’t wait until I returned. But what’s done is done, and I’m sure something equally fun is in the future! 🙂


  3. I will miss your Talented Tuesday posts. I’ve been absent for a while and will be mostly off for the next several months. Explanation coming in a future post.


  4. I am sooo sorry! I have been reading you from Greece and loved everything about it. I’m gonna miss you, Staci. Thank you for all you have shared, take care, Christa


  5. Staci, Would you be interested in helping me with the Holiday Design-O-Rama weekly posts that showcase holiday craft ideas that crafters link up?. Last year I worked alone, but would love to have a partner! This year the feature will run from October to the end of December with a New Year Top 16 popular crafts post. – I’ll like to get started during the first weekend in October! – Sheila 🙂


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