Four Patch Drink Coasters with Faux Binding

I’m picturing two types of reactions to this project.  The first is from people who think binding is a breeze and are wondering why I’m going to so much trouble.  Why not just bind them like normal?  The second is from people like me who have serious issues with getting binding sewn on to their satisfaction.  It’s never perfect.  Those people are going to say “Yes, I get it!”  Group One, you’ll always be welcome here, but today I’m talking to Group Two.

I included these coasters in some of the photos for my Sewing Machine Hot Pad last week, because what goes better with a sewing machine than tiny quilts?  They’re easy to make and, as I mentioned, avoid real binding completely, while still retaining some of that look.  I’m all about cheating when it comes to sewing and retaining my sanity.

Four Patch Coasters with Faux Binding from Crafty Staci

To make one of these you’ll need:

  • four 2 1/4” squares print fabric
  • two 4 x 1” strips solid fabric
  • two 5 x 1” strips solid fabric
  • one 5” square solid fabric
  • one 5” square InsulBright
  • one 5” square batting

Pieces to Make 4 Patch Coasters

Stitch the four print squares together to make a larger square.

Four Patch

Add the two 4” strips to the top and bottom edge of the square.  Stitch with right sides together.  Press the strips away from the square.

Press seam away from square

Repeat on the sides with the 5” strips.

Add 5 inch strips

Layer the batting, InsulBright, the back with the right side up, and the front with the right side down.  Stitch, leaving 1 1/2” open at the bottom.  Clip the corners.

Layers sewn together

Turn right side out and press.  Stitch the opening closed by hand.

Opening sewn closed

On the machine, stitch around close to the inner edge of the solid frame.  Stitch in the ditch (on the seam) between the squares.  Done!

Quilting added

I love the way the edges poof up.

4 Patch Coasters from Crafty Staci

These are quick to make, a great way to use up small scraps and an easily personalized gift.  No binding skill required!

4 Patch Coasters

Don’t forget, I’m looking for photos of YOUR Hot Pad of the Month!  If you’ve made one (or more) using my patterns and would like to share, either email me at or contact me on Facebook by July 30th.  I’ll post the photos here in early August.

I’d also love to know which Hot Pad of the Month was your favorite. Vote below, and I’ll share those results next month as well.  Thanks!


12 thoughts on “Four Patch Drink Coasters with Faux Binding

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  3. i cant find my lady bug anywere and to tell you the truth i got it from a friend which moved away and i cant get hold of her is there anyway to get it


  4. I love your faux binding technique on these coasters! Thanks for linking up (and being the first!) to the Sew-spiration link party! Hope to see you next week 😀


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