Summer Clearance Sale

I’ve always thought that fall cleaning made a lot more sense than spring.  You’ve spent the summer in and out, with the windows open and line between indoors and out a little blurred.  Isn’t it logical you want to clean that place up before you’re trapped in it during the months when the weather is less cooperative?  Well, that’s were I’m at with my Etsy and Handmade at Amazon shops.  How do you solve an issue like that?  With a clearance sale, of course!  Don’t you wish cleaning your house was that easy? Smile

Ready-to-ship items, excluding the Coffee Cup Sleeve Sewing Kits are now 50% off! This sale will get bigger as the month goes on, so mark your calendars. Selection will be the best now, but the prices will be the lowest later – you can choose your own adventure!  On September 4th, whatever is left will be donated, never to be seen here again.  I’m ready to start fresh.

CraftyStaci Summer Sale Calendar

What’s on Clearance?

DSLR Camera Cross Body Straps
DSLR Wrist Camera Straps
Memory Card Wallets
Lens Cap Holders
Business Card Holders
Coffee Cup Sleeves
Wristlet Mini Wallets
Key Fobs

This photo is just a sampling of your choices.  There are over 80 items available and they’re all ready to ship now!  You can see the entire selection in my Etsy shop. Some items are also available in my Handmade at Amazon shop.

Sample of Items on Clearance

I’ll still have all of the above available as custom orders, which means you can choose your own fabrics from my selection and have the item made just for you!

What I’m even more excited about than clearing out the older stuff, is that I’m adding new!  You’ll soon find listings for custom Coffee Cup Sleeve Sewing Kits, Key Fobs and Wristlet Mini Wallets. I’m rolling out new ready-to-ship vendor/teacher aprons in the next couple of weeks, just in time for fall shows and the new school year. Before the holiday season arrives, keep an eye out for new ready-to-ship lens cap holders and key fobs.

Fall Line of Aprons

I know it’s probably too soon to talk about holiday shopping, but this might be a great time to stash away some gifts! Smile


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