Sprout Patterns Lined Zipper Bag

I just want to be clear, I have no affiliation with Sprout Patterns or Spoonflower, I just think this is a fun product!

For months (almost a year if I’m being honest – I looked up my receipt) I’ve had this little bit of fabric hanging on one of the bulletin boards behind my cutting table.  You know how something is in your line of vision for so long you can actually stop seeing it?  That happened, then a couple of weeks ago I suddenly noticed it again.  My sewing room is like the Twilight Zone.

The item in question was a lined zipper pouch pattern. I bought it through Spoonflower from Sprout Patterns about a year ago.  You can choose any fabric from Spoonflower, or even design your own, and it’s printed on fabric as pattern pieces that you can just cut out and sew up.  How easy is that?  I chose a retro camping print from retrorudolph and a red and black buffalo check for the inside.  It arrived like this:

Sprout Zipper Pouch before cutting

After you’ve purchased the pouch, you can access the instructions on how to make it on Sprout.  It’s a very easy project, and they also provide instructions on how to make it with a buttoned flap, in case you REALLY want to avoid that zipper.

I decided to put a little of my own spin on the bag, which was easy to do.  The instructions only call for a zipper and thread, but I added a layer of iron-on batting between the layers and a loop on one side.  I was able to cut the loop from the extra fabric around the edge, so it still matches.

Zipper Pouch pieces cut out

The instructions call for a 1/2” seam allowance, but I went with 1/4” for a little extra room, and it worked fine.  I just love this cute fabric!

Sprout Patterns Lined Zipper Pouch

This bag is just one of lots of patterns available on Sprout, in a variety of skill levels.  The bag would make a great gift for a beginner.  If you’re gifting though, I’d recommend printing out the instructions to go with it, as your giftee won’t be able to get to those in your account.  The combinations and level of personalization is just infinite.  This is a great option to keep in mind for the upcoming holiday season.

Inside of Lined Zipper Pouch

I don’t know what took me so long to make this, but now I feel like I need to go take a closer look around my sewing room.  I mean REALLY look.  Who knows what’s in there?


12 thoughts on “Sprout Patterns Lined Zipper Bag

  1. Super cute. Always love how you make projects your own, even if it’s just a tiny touch like the loop. Have a number of unfinished projects laying around myself – some of which are CraftyStaci tutorials! Fingers crossed I get to them soon…


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