Table Runner – Change with the Seasons

I’m currently sniffling my way through my first cold of the year, so I didn’t think I’d have anything new to share this week.  Sneezing and crafting do not go well together.  Not only do I not feel up to it, but if I tried to make something right now I can guarantee that I will make lots of mistakes.  As luck would have it, a project I finished several months ago was just published on the site I wrote it for, so I’ve got something to talk about after all!

DIY Table Runner with inserts to change with the seasons

I made this for Cut Out and Keep, using products sent to me from Canvas Corp.  I selected the products, so I chose a canvas table runner, canvas ribbon and a variety of scrapbook papers.  If you don’t have these available, you could certainly make it with some medium weight canvas fabric instead.

Table runner supplies

To go with that, I purchased some vinyl.  I cut the vinyl into squares and made a frame for each piece with the ribbon.  I sewed those in place, leaving one side open, and fringed the edges.

Close up of window on runner

The fun thing about this table runner is that you can swap out the paper under the vinyl to suit your mood or the season.  I originally made this near Valentine’s Day, so I used some papers appropriate to that season, adding some cut outs under the vinyl on top of the paper.

Valentine table runner

Table runner with heart dish

I also tried it out with a calendar page underneath and filed in the dates with a dry erase pen right on the vinyl.

Dry erase calendar insert

Once that holiday was over, I switched to a nautical theme.

Table runner with nautical paper

I loved this table runner so much I kept using it until I finished my Autumn Leaf Table Runner recently, and it’s held up great.  If you’d like the full instructions, visit me over at Cut Out and Keep!

Full Table Runner


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