Friday Favorites–Top Ten and Time for a Change

In October of 2010, I decided to start a series on my shiny, new blog.  Every Friday I would share links to things I’d found that week that I thought you might enjoy.  This being a craft blog, they would generally be crafts, sewing or recipes you could make, occasionally throwing in something you could buy but that still landed firmly in the crafty world.  I always had a theme, and these were the days before Pinterest, so finding projects was challenging, but fun.

Since then, I’ve written 312 Friday Favorites posts.  I usually keep it to ten links each, so that means I’ve featured about 3120 links in the last 6+ years.  Looking at those numbers floors me.  Who knew I had that kind of attention span?

I know this sounds like a death rattle at this point, but I’m not getting rid of Friday Favorites.  I like talking about what other people are doing and ending the week with a round up, and that will continue – it will just be in a different format.  I’m ready for a change.  Tune in next Friday to see what that’s going to look like.

To put this version of Friday Favorites to bed, I thought I’d share the ten most popular I’ve curated.  Some of these go WAY back, and some have dead links in them, but most of the projects are still accessible.  A couple of my personal favorites turned up in here too.  Let’s take a look.

Top Ten Friday Favorites

#1 Fat Quarter Projects

This is one of those personal favorites I mentioned, and it landed in first place.  Small, simple fabric projects are where my crafty heart lies, and these fit that bill.

Friday Favorites - Fat Quarter Projects

#2 T-Shirt Refashion and Recycling

T-shirt related projects had their moment in the spotlight a few years ago.  The one shown below is one of those dead links, but the nice thing about these is that with even a little sewing and craft experience, they’re pretty easy to figure out.

Friday Favorites - T-Shirt Refashion and Recycling

#3 DIY Gifts for Guys

Just about everyone has a guy somewhere in her life – husband, son, brother, dad, friend, cousin, etc.  The need for creative ideas for those men is why I’m never surprised when this one turns up again on Pinterest.

Friday Favorites - DIY Gifts for Guys

#4 For the Car

Fun fact:  the car seat organizer tutorial shown below is the most clicked in all of those 3120 links I’ve shared.  The website isn’t updated anymore, and is barely functional, so if this is something you’re interested in I recommend saving it somewhere.

Friday Favorites - For the Car

#5 Shark Week

I don’t even know if the Discovery Channel still does Shark Week every year, but that was what sparked this collection.

Friday Favorites - Shark Week

#6 Pinterest Finds

I wrote this one when I was pretty new to Pinterest, back when someone had to invite you to join.  It’s almost not even the same place anymore, although I still find myself coming back every time I say I’m done with it.  It feeds my need to collect.

Friday Favorites - Pinterest Finds

#7 Christmas Treats

Christmas treats are evergreen.  Except maybe those melting snowman cookies.  They had their moment in the sun. Open-mouthed smile

Friday Favorites - Christmas Treats

#8 Halloween Costumes

These were always one of my favorites to research.  There are so many cute costumes out there, and no shortage of adorable little bits like this one to wear them.

Friday Favorites - Halloween Costumes

#9 Valentine’s Day

This one seems particularly timely, with Valentine’s Day coming up on the calendar.

Friday Favorites - Valentine's Day

#10 Snowflakes

I currently have snow in my front yard, so I was kind of happy to see this one on the list.

Friday Favorites - Snowflakes

I love curating my Friday Favorites each week, and I want to make sure that the talented people who have created these projects are fully acknowledged for their work.  Before you pin or share, please click through the link or photo to the originating website.  You can also find all the projects each week on my Friday Favorites Pinterest board.  Thank you!



4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites–Top Ten and Time for a Change

  1. I joined Pinterest when you needed an invite also. Been on there awhile. I love the fabric projects, especially the baskets and the little red riding hood costume is so cute. all the best with your new format. Looking forward to seeing it.


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