Friday Favorites No. 313

It took all the willpower I could muster to stay in my seat yesterday. Not only did I need to write this new Friday Favorites, but I’m working on building a new website where I’ll be moving Crafty Staci soon. I know nothing of doing such a thing, so the learning curve is requiring rock climbing gear for me. That made it hard enough, but through the window behind me was a gorgeous blue sky with a bright sun shining down on several inches of frozen white snow. I just wanted to go play outside. But because I’m dedicated to our handmade cause, I stayed put and did my job. Maybe tomorrow can be a self-employed snow day.

Since this is the first Friday Favorites in this new format, let me explain where I’m going with this. Previously, every week contained ten links, usually something to craft or sew, often a recipe or two, and occasionally something for purchase.  There was always a theme, like penguins or outdoor games.

Fridays will now be five links.  There will always be at least one thing to craft or sew, one recipe and one thing that can be purchased.  The other two will fit into those categories as well, depending on what I find that week.  For instance, this week is three sewing/crafts, one recipe and one item for sale.  There won’t necessarily be a theme, but I’ll try to make sure it makes sense to the season.

Most weeks the link for the item to purchase will be an affiliate link. I love providing free patterns and content here, but I need to find a way to make it more financially self-sustaining.  I considered selling patterns, but I’d rather continue to offer those to you for free and use the affiliate links and sponsored content to support the blog instead. I will earn a commission if you happen to click through and make a purchase and it will add nothing to the cost for you.  That said, I want you to know that my primary goal is to support handmade, and I will continue to do that with the same integrity I always have.  If I link here, it’s to something I want or admire.  If you have any questions about that, please feel free to reach out to me via the comment section below, social media or email (craftystaci at gmail).


Friday Favorites 01.13.2017

This post contains affiliate links for Amazon and Etsy.

Make Winter 2017

I’ve seen these hats with a hole in the top for a ponytail all over the place lately. It’s a smart idea, and I could use one myself. As you might imagine, there are patterns everywhere, but the reason I chose to feature this one by Mango Tree Crafts is that she offers it in three different sizes and there’s an option to add a cute flower. You crochetists get all the good stuff.

Messy Bun Hat Pattern from Mango Tree Crafts

I’ve been tempted to try making myself a pair of shoes ever since I saw the soles you could buy by Dritz (Amazon Affiliate link). I’ve been eyeing the ones with a higher heel, but I love what Dritz did with the espadrille sole on their blog.  Who knew you could make boots? The free pattern is available for sizes 5 through 10.

I like a good sweater, but I get tired of wearing them day after day. I’m too cold to consider anything less, but I think I could work one or two of these sweatshirts from Sewing Rabbit into my wardrobe. I love that she gave the neck a little creative detail, and it looks pretty easy to make.

Cowl Neck Sweatshirt Pattern from The Sewing Rabbit

Cook Winter 2017

January in my house means we’re trying to improve our eating habits after the holiday calorie train goes back to the station. That, combined with the fact that soup is the perfect winter food, means this turkey chili from Ambitious Kitchen just made my must-make list.

Healthy Turkey Chili from Ambitious Kitchen

Buy Winter 2017

My daughter bought a scarf from storiarts when they were selling at a local craft show a couple of years ago. The print quality is really nice. I love the black detail on these Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves they’re selling on Etsy, and who needs writing gloves more than me and my extremely cold hands? My daughter would say that she does.

Sherlock Holmes Writing Gloves from storiarts on Etsy

You can find these, and my previous Friday Favorites, on my Crafty Staci’s Friday Favorites Pinterest board!


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites No. 313

  1. These are terrific ideas. The boots, the messy bun hat, the sweatshirt, and the cold hands gloves – perfect projects to make for yourself for now and to start on for next year’s Christmas gifts. And what could be better than to chase the chills than a steaming bowl of chili! Great post, Staci.


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