Coffee Sleeve Patterns

One of my favorite accessories!  Below you’ll find links to all of my coffee cup sleeve patterns.  If you don’t want to make them yourself, many of them are also available in my Etsy shop.

Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve     Love Note Coffee Cup Sleeve     Pencil Drink Sleeve and Paper Mat     Mickey and Minnie Coffee Sleeves

Father's Day Fish Coffee Sleeve     Pinwheel Coffee Cup Sleeve     Sunglasses Coffee Sleeve     New Jeans Coffee Sleeve     Halloween Bat Coffee Sleeve     Fox Coffee Cup Sleeve     Christmas Tree Coffee Sleeve     Pennant Banner Coffee Sleeve    Heart and Arrow Coffee Sleeve - Crafty Staci     Rainbow Coffee Sleeve     Class of '14 Coffee Sleeve     Class of '14 Coffee Sleeve Extra Numbers     Bride and Groom Coffee Sleeves



15 thoughts on “Coffee Sleeve Patterns

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