Hot Pad Patterns


February-Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-Mug-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-March-Bunny-by-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-April-Umbrella-with-Raindrop-Coasters_thumb.png     Ladybug-Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     June-Bear-Paw-Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-July-Pineapple.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-August-Bluebird-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-September-Pumpkin-by-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-October-Monster-and-Ghost-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-November-Turkey-from-Crafty-Staci.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-December-Snowman_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-January-Mitten-by-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-February-Sweethearts-Tree-by-Crafty-Staci.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-March-Vintage-Camper-from-Crafty-Staci.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-April-Hippo-from-Crafty-Staci.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-May-Strawberry-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     June-Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-Star-and-Stripes-from-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png     Hot-Pad-of-the-Month-July-Sewing-Machine-by-Crafty-Staci_thumb.png


32 thoughts on “Hot Pad Patterns

  1. Is there a way to print off all the instructions without the ad, Follow blocking one of the pages? I signed up and that did not help it still shows up when trying to print off instructions.


    • You should be able to print the pattern without any ads, but if you’re printing the whole post, explaining how to put them together, I’m afraid there’s no way to exclude the ads. It will print whatever it sees on the screen.


        • have you ever tried ‘print friendly’? there’s a button (it’s all free) you can put on your tool bar and create pdfs out of the blog posts you want to save and print later and there are no ads on them. go to print friendly web page and they will give you instructions on how to download it


  2. any chance of a May hot pad? I love your ideas and have been checking back to see if you have posted a tutorial. I must be missing it.


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  10. There’s a problem, Staci. We already had March’s Hot Pad of the Month last month in March. This is April. Do we get an April one?


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  13. just want to say thank you for all the wonderful hot pads. I’m having such fun with them. I’ve brought them to my senior citizen group and they love making them. thank you!


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  18. Hi Staci 🙂
    I do a quilting retreat every year, usually by myself, but last year invited a quilting friend along. One of the features we decided to do was your hot pad patterns. My friend fell in love with them, and we completed several pairs. Thank you for being so kind and generous enough to share them with us. I work with Joel, and I asked him how you were doing the other day, and he said, “Oh she’s doin just fine, and very busy”. I was also just wondering if there will be any more hot pad patterns, or if we burned you out? 😉 Take care and love, love, love your stuff!! Rorie


    • I LOVE the idea of holding your own quilting retreat Rorie! I think I need to do that myself, just so I can finish up a few projects. I’m so glad you both enjoyed making the hot pads. They were a lot of fun for me as well, but after 18 of them I think I used up all my ideas for that particular shape! I’m thinking about starting a new series in January, but I haven’t decided for sure what it will be. By the way, I had to laugh that Joel told you how busy I am – like he’s one to talk! 😀

      Did you know we have a quilt guild in Gresham? We meet once a month, and it’s a fun, growing group of (mostly) ladies. You should come check it out! If you want more info, just email me at Thanks for all your sweet comments Rorie!


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